Paws-tively preposterous or purr-fect? Divas weigh-in on pet shoes

Paws-tively preposterous or purr-fect? Divas weigh-in on pet shoes

It's no secret many of the Divas are fond of man's best friend. Maria totes around her Chihuahua, Gemini, in his own special bag; Lena Yada is in love with her rescue mutts, Kiba and Kiara; and Torrie Wilson's Maltese, Chloe, has even seen WWE ring time.

In Germany, police dogs now wear booties while on duty, protecting the public. The Divas will go to any length to love and protect their pooches (and in some cases, kitties), but would they outfit their four-legged friends in shoes?

Maria said her main man, Gemini, doesn't wear sneakers, but don't put it past her to get a set because her "little prince" hates walking on chilly ground.

"He's a longhaired Chihuahua, and a lot of Chihuahuas don't like the cold, so he has a sweater, he has a coat, he wears little shirts, and his collar says ‘Gem' on it because he's my little gem!" the fashion-conscious Raw Diva said.

"So no, he doesn't wear the paw shoes, but I think for those police dogs, they definitely should wear them. I don't want my doggie getting injured, so I'm sure those guys don't want their doggies getting injured either!" she said.

Candice Michelle said she finds it "super, super cute" when Torrie Wilson dresses Chloe in outfits, complete with dog sneakers. But the Candylicious Diva's pets, Maltese, Bam-Bam, and Yorkshire Terrier, Betty Boop, wouldn't be fond of the kicks. However, Candice Michelle admits she's played hairdresser with Bam-Bam.

"My Maltese is white, so I decided I'd dye the ends of his hair red because he has a red collar. I thought it'd be cool because he has a spiked collar and it would make him look tough and cool. But it was a nightmare to tie off the ends and then put the red dye in," Candice Michelle explained.

"I had to make him sit on my lap and he didn't like it, he hated it. I waited 15 minutes, I rinsed it out and they were pink!" she giggled. "So my boy dog had pink ears. And he did not want to go outside or mingle with his friends. So I learned that I shouldn't do that. Also, I put a shirt on him and it looked cute, but his hair got matted and then he didn't like being shaved. He likes to just be naked. My dogs run around naked like I do!"

Victoria said she thinks Chloe disliked wearing dog sneakers, and the idea of subjecting her Dachshunds, Pookie and Mojo, to that made her growling mad.

"Chloe, that poor thing, she hated it. She would try to walk and flick her shoes off," the SmackDown Diva said. "I can't see these German Shepherd police dogs walking in them very comfortably. I don't know, it's kind of like cruelty to animals. So no, you will not be seeing my dogs wearing that!"

While she might buy her dog, Butch, a Dallas Cowboys jersey or a T-shirt or two, Mickie James won't be the first in line either to buy him dog shoes.

"I don't know if you've ever seen shoes on dogs before, but they look quite ridiculous, and they even walk funny in them. For example, Torrie Wilson bought Chloe a pair of cute little shoes and you would have thought she had alien feet. She was all over the place!" the Women's Champion said. On the other hand, Mickie outfits her prized horses with shoes.

"But that's different, metal shoes are made to go on horses' feet. There's a need for them because their hooves crack; it's like fingernails, so there's a need for it," she said.

Lena Yada would love to get a few pairs of shoes for her rescue dogs, Kiba and Kiara, to protect their paws from the elements.

"When I lived in Chicago, the streets were salted a lot in the winter, and that gets really rough on the foot pads, so I would put boots on them," the ECW Diva said. "For me, it's not only a fashion statement, but they protect the dogs. It's a great thing that Germany is doing that, because they're man's best friend and they help us out with stuff that we can't do ourselves, so why not turn around and help them out as well?"

Lena's ECW ally, Layla, agreed. The proud owner of Kai the Rottweiler and Tyson the Miniature Pinscher admitted she initially thought the idea of dog shoes was ridiculous, but if the shoes are in the dog's best interest, she's for it.

"If it's to prevent them from getting injured so that they can do their job and protect people, then of course it makes sense," Layla said. "If my Rottweiler or Miniature Pinscher had to wear them to help keep them alive, then of course I would do it. I don't care how ridiculous it looks, sometimes you have to think about protection, then fashion. Like girls, you know how we are -- we would rather be uncomfortable in 6-inch heels than be comfortable when we want to be pretty."

Beth Phoenix, whose pets include Sonya the German Shepard and "Glamadog" Hope, a Yorkshire Terrier, believes that every precaution should be taken when it comes to protecting working dogs.

"You know, it may look a little bit silly, but if it avoids an injury to the dog, I support it. But the big question is, are the shoes cute? Do they have diamonds on them? Is there something sparkly?" she laughed.

Michelle McCool concurred if the shoes help the police dog, it's far from a pet peeve in her eyes. As for her canine? He'd be sporty, just like his All-American girl owner, of course.

"My dog would just have sneakers on, just tennis shoes, black and silver Nike Shocks. He'd be sporting those!" the SmackDown Diva smiled.

Jillian broke the news to Diva Dish that she traded in her two dogs for two cats, and there's no way they'd be caught in shoes.

"My cats would not keep shoes on, ever. And I don't see how dogs do it either. I don't know, dogs wear shirts and stuff. My cats don't wear shirts, so I guess I kind of understand the difference, but that's stupid!" the Raw Diva said.

Fellow cat lover, Kelly Kelly, said she doesn't think her felines would stand for wearing shoes, but she thinks the idea of dogs running around in them is paws-itively adorable.

"Aww, that's so cute!" the ECW Diva cooed. "If I had a little dog, I would definitely put some little shoes on it. I think that's so cute, and I think it's awesome that it's protecting them. I don't think there's anything wrong with it."

Finally, Katie Lea said she'd never humiliate her calico cat, Pixie, by outfitting her rambunctious little one with sneakers.

"However, I can see why police dogs get into a lot of situations, dark alleys, the Underground, etc., where those shoes might be necessary," the British bombshell said. "But, of course, my cat is kind of pampered and lives in a nice neighborhood and lives around nice people, so she doesn't really have a need for that kind of thing."

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