Cody Rhodes:'s latest ‘Fightin' Fanboy'

Cody Rhodes:'s latest ‘Fightin' Fanboy'

Cody Rhodes is featured in's latest installment of "Fightin' Fanboys." The Legacy member and Raw Superstar discusses how comics have played an important role in his life, especially when it came to reading and expanding his vocabulary. Rhodes talks to about WWE and YALSA's new SummerSlam Reading Jam program, in which more than 500 libraries are participating to encourage teens and tweens to visit their local libraries and read throughout the summer. (MORE)

"I just think it's a great opportunity and just a cool thing that WWE is doing," Rhodes tells "Any opportunity to get the message out there, encouraging teens and tweens to read, is important because reading helps you across the board."

To read the complete interview with Rhodes -- who reveals which Marvel Comics heroes recently inspired some of his in-ring gear -- check out

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