Cena hits the tennis court

Cena hits the tennis court

NEW YORK -- John Cena was a special guest at Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at the US Open this week. The WWE Champion hit the tennis court with other celebrities for a CBS special, too.

"It was a cool time. I got to walk the court and meet with some media. I really got a whole feel for how big the US Open really is," The Champ told WWE.com. "In an hour-and-a-half special on CBS, I got to participate in a battle of the sexes match with three tennis pros. It was pretty good."

According to the US Open's official Web site, "Arthur Ashe Kids' Day honors tennis legend Arthur Ashe and continues his mission of using tennis as a means to instill in kids the values of humanitarianism, leadership and academic excellence. Arthur Ashe Kids' Day introduces children of all ages to the great sport of tennis while bringing families together for a fun, interactive experience. A portion of the proceeds from Arthur Ashe Kids' Day benefits the USTA NJTL (National Junior Tennis League)."

While Cena is a champion in the WWE ring, he joked that he's not as adept on the tennis court.

"I was horrible. It was the first time I've ever played, and I did the best I could to try to stay out of everybody's way, but every once in a while the ball comes over to you, so you do the best you can," Cena smiled.

"I think three balls came my way. I missed two of them, I hit one into the crowd, so I don't necessarily know my own strength or my own tennis ability, but with a few lessons I'd develop some finesse," he chuckled.

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