John Cena, RN?

John Cena, RN?

FRESNO, Calif. -- Every day in Debbie Jury's nursing classroom, John Cena is there. The Raw Superstar quietly stands in the corner, fists in the air, prepared to fight. But who is he ready to face? It's not Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Cena's teaching students of an adult education program with the Clovis Unified School District how to combat infection.

Jury, who has taught the program for six years, explained that it's sometimes hard to keep approximately 150 student nurses on track and in the right frame of mind to learn. By using Cena's likeness, her students are able to remember anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology.

"Educators often face difficulties maintaining interest and attention," Jury said in an e-mail interview. "John Cena has provided wonderful chances to engage the mind and enhance retention."

On one classroom wall hangs a poster of Cena, surrounded by diagrams and arrows, explaining digestion, shoulder muscles and tendons, and the circulatory system. On another wall, a second life-size poster of "The Champ" has electrodes attached to various parts of his upper torso. On the other end is life saving equipment; a heart defibrillator, and EKG monitors.

"Creating the mindset for microscopic cellular function in John Cena promotes the understanding of muscular function, skeletal support as well as neurological and cardiovascular function," Jury wrote. "It also teaches about nutrition and activity, which raises awareness to some of my students' lifestyle choices."

While legions of our fans have pledged to be soldiers in Cena's Chain Gang, Jury and her students have taken a different approach by "breaking the chain of infection" by washing their hands and limiting contamination and exposure. Jury's students also visit to watch videos of Cena's surgery, which gives them valuable orthopedics experience.

While Cena will try to regain the WWE Championship from Randy Orton at No Way Out on Sunday, he'll forever be "The Champ of health" for Jury and her students.

"Thank you, John Cena," Jury wrote, when asked if she had a message for her teaching partner. "Thank you for helping my students to succeed, making my classroom a great place to be, and a favorite classroom to all on campus."

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