The World's Largest ‘Fanboy'?

The World's Largest ‘Fanboy'?

In the latest installment of's "Fightin' Fanboys," giant-sized SmackDown Superstar Big Show discusses his upcoming WWE Studios film Knucklehead, his lifelong love of Marvel Comics and his anticipated 3-on-1 Handicap Match against The Straight Edge Society at SummerSlam.

"I just need to stay on my feet and knock down anything in front of me," Big Show tells when describing his in-ring strategy. "I don't have much of a finesse game [laughs]. I'm like a Bradley tank -- park me somewhere and let me fire away."

When it comes to his favorite Marvel characters, The World's Largest Athlete considers himself a cross between mild-mannered Spider-Man alter ego Peter Parker and The Hulk.

"In the ring I'm like The Hulk, smashing anyone who gets in my way, but outside the ring I'm a regular guy just trying to do my thing," he admits. "Peter Parker was always relatable in that way because he dealt with the same issues we all face."

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