Take a ride with Batista

Take a ride with Batista

Batista shows off his rides in Dub magazine's March issue, which is in stores now. The Animal said our fans will have to check out the magazine to catch a glimpse at his rides, but he did reveal to WWE.com which vehicles are his favorites.

"My favorite car -- it's a toss up," Batista said. "I have an '08 Lamborghini Murcielago. It's white. All my cars are white. I have an '07 Bentley GTC, and it's like riding on air. It's a jet, too."

Batista said all of his cars will be featured in Dub, with the exception of one special classic that's being worked on in Los Angeles: "I also have a '64 Impala lowrider that's an Eddie Guerrero tribute car."

For more information on Dub, visit the magazine's official Web site: www.dubmagazine.com.

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