‘Survivor' Diva

‘Survivor' Diva

It's official -- WWE Diva Ashley is a Survivor castaway. The suspended SmackDown Diva recently filmed the CBS reality show's 15th season in China, but before she embarked on her journey, she spoke to WWE.com exclusively about her expectations, fears and excitement about being one of 16 Survivor: China castaways.

Ashley said from the moment she found out she was accepted to be a castaway, she was excited for the opportunity. However, when WWE.com spoke to Ashley, everything about the show was a mystery to her.

"Survivor keeps everything top secret. I know nothing so far," she said. "All I know is I'm getting dropped off somewhere in China. They don't tell you where. They don't tell you the temperature."

Ashley told WWE.com she was preparing -- in her own way -- to face the elements. She's even been practicing a bit of weather endurance.

"You know what happened was, it was pouring rain the other day on my day off. It was just a torrential downpour. And I'm sitting outside and I'm trying to stay in the rain, just to feel what it would feel like if I was outside," she explained. "So I'm sitting in the rain holding my knees going, ‘OK, you're going to be outside in this with no shelter and no food and nothing. Can you handle it?' And I think I can."

Ashley also watched past seasons of the reality show to study contestants and the game.

"I've watched a couple seasons of Survivor now, knowing I'm going, and let me tell you something, watching it, knowing you're going to be a contestant on the show is completely different than watching it as a viewer at home. Now I see it in a whole different light. I'm like, ‘Whoa, those people are brave!' " she laughed.

But will being a strong, beautiful, assertive woman affect Ashley's game? There's always the chance that the other castaways will be intimidated by her strong presence.

"When I get out there all people are gonna think, all these contestants are gonna see is, they don't know what's in here," she said, pointing to her heart. "You know what I mean? All they know is, here's this blonde-haired girl, wearing bikinis, doing her thing -- that's a bad way to describe it, too -- but just coming off the way I look, people will get their impression, which they always do -- the wrong one. And I'm gonna have to force it down their throats, the right one!" 

Ashley said she's honored to represent WWE and the Divas on Survivor, and she's confident in her abilities to succeed in the game and win the $1 million.

"I think I'm going to win. I really do. I wouldn't go if I didn't think I could," she said. "Do I understand the risk involved that, ‘Hey, there's a chance you might not win. You might just spend 40 days out in the middle of nowhere for no reason.' Yes, I do. I understand that risk and I'm prepared to take it!"

Survivor begins Sept. 20 on CBS and airs in its usual timeslot, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET. Stay tuned to WWE.com for complete coverage of Ashley on Survivor.

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