Mick Foley leaves NYC in stitches after Survivor Series

Mick Foley leaves NYC in stitches after Survivor Series

NEW YORK - After 17,000-plus cleared out of Madison Square Garden following Sunday night’s Survivor Series, a select portion of the WWE Universe headed a few blocks south of The World’s Most Famous Arena to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to have a few laughs before the night ended. 

However, the headliner at the club for this intimate midnight show was no ordinary comedian. On this night, the top-billed performer was former three-time WWE Champion Mick Foley. The Hardcore Legend had the crowd in stitches after John Cena and The Rock electrified them shortly before.

“The Rock, he was getting the adulation of 17,000,” Foley jokingly said afterward. “I didn’t think it was too much to ask that I get 1/100th of that type of adulation here at the theatre.”

The show came about after Foley met UCBW, a comedy troupe that parodies the colorful world of sports-entertainment. With the 25th anniversary of Survivor Series blocks away, it was the perfect opportunity to try out a post-pay-per-view comedy show.

Though he was excited for his performance, the events happening just north of the UCB Theatre caused Foley to reflect on his career for a brief moment. The Great One’s return to the ring meant one of The Hardcore Legend’s fondest moments didn’t hold as much meaning anymore.

“A little part of me was sad because up until tonight, [The Rock’s] last match ever was with me, in The Garden, seven years ago,” Foley recalled. “Now it’s not.”

Even after Foley was on the receiving end of a Rock Bottom from his former tag team partner during his surprise return to WWE on RAW GETS ROCKED, The Hardcore Legend has no ill will toward The People’s Champion. Looking back, he’s a little glad The Brahma Bull put an end to John Cena’s “This Is Your Life!”

“I had four or five more guests lined up. It was just dying a loud, painful death and The Rock came out and put it out of its misery,” he joked.

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