Jerry Lawler Museum opens at Resorts Casino

Jerry Lawler Museum opens at Resorts Casino

This past Saturday at Resorts Casino in Tunica, Miss., the Jerry Lawler Museum opened with royal fanfare and more than 1,000 fans lined up to meet “The King”. Tunica is only 40 miles from Lawler’s kingdom of Memphis, Tenn. and is now the third-largest gaming region in the United States, after Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

A much smaller version of the museum opened last year at a large auto dealership in Memphis, but there was not nearly enough space for a lifetime’s worth of sports entertainment treasures. Almost one thousand feet now is dedicated to "The King’s" collection and more space may be needed as Lawler acquires additional memorabilia, like an exact replica of the Batmobile from the 1966 television show. Holy headlock, Batman!

When caught up with "The King" at Raw, he was beaming with pride and joy.

“The Jerry Lawler Museum has found the perfect home in Tunica, Mississippi just miles from Memphis. There are about twelve huge Vegas-like casinos there now. Thousands and thousands of people are there every day so it seemed like the perfect home for the Jerry Lawler Museum.”

Jerry Lawler Museum opens at Resorts Casino

A comic book aficionado and illustrator, Lawler couldn’t wait to tell the WWE Universe about his new set of wheels as well.

“I drove my newly acquired Batmobile to the casino and we had over a thousand people show up. We have memorabilia, artifacts and it’s also an art gallery. We’ve got about a hundred pieces of my artwork there on display as well. I’m pretty proud of it. This is stuff that I’ve acquired over a now 43-year career.”

When asked if there will be any new pieces added to his Museum and Art Gallery, "The King" happily replied, “Who would have thought a week ago that I would have been driving a Batmobile around town so you never know what I’m going to get next, but whatever it is, it will be on display.”

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