"The King" shows Memphis pride, and "Sir" Charles Barkley calls out Brock Lesnar

Jerry "The King" Lawler gets the Memphis Grizzlies fans behind him, and Charles Barkley has a message for Brock Lesnar

At a Memphis Grizzlies game, Jerry Lalwer mixes it up with one of the fans.

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and the worlds of WWE and the NBA collided in a big way on Wednesday, both on the basketball court and the television studio.

The commotion began when Jerry Lawler appeared during a time-out of the NBA Playoff game between the Los Angeles Clippers and "The King's" hometown Memphis Grizzlies. Lawler, in full crown and Grizzlies-blue tights, had barely walked onto the court when an apparent "fan" from the Clips' camp began jaw-jacking the WWE Hall of Famer. In response, “The King” emphatically crowned the knave (see above), and took hold of the mic to lend his support to the home team. (Lawler's demonstration must have worked; Memphis eventually won the game, 105-98.)

Even as the commentary team at TNT enjoyed a good laugh through the timeout, in a quick transition, analyst Charles Barkley wasted no time in demanding that Brock Lesnar back off his attacks of John Cena. "Leave John Cena alone, or me and Shaq are coming for you!" warned Sir Charles, who also declared he would make "a personal appearance on Raw" in defense of the Cenation lader. This led, of course, to a reminiscing of fellow anchor Shaquille O'Neal's own WWE rivalry against Big Show, which was highlighted by a 2009 Raw confrontation between The Big Aristotle and The World's Largest Athlete.

Given Lesnar's dismantling of Triple H on Raw SuperShow last Monday, we're not sure how wise Barkley's comments may be. Then again, he went toe-to-toe with Godzilla once, and Sir Charles vs. the wrecking machine does have a certain ring to it. At the very least, he can team with "The King" and the whole court could square off against Lesnar.

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