The Divas Meet the Dolls: Michelle McCool & Kim

The Divas Meet the Dolls: Michelle McCool & Kim

In the final installment of's The Divas Meet the Dolls, Divas Champion Michelle McCool chats with Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt. Miss a day of The Divas Meet the Dolls? Read the other interviews now: Kelly Kelly & Ashley, Maria & NicoleMickie James & Jessica and Candice Michelle & Melody.

Kim: Hi Michelle! It's so great to meet you. As a WWE Diva, you have a global fan base of millions. Is there any memory that sticks out in your mind when a WWE fan inspired you?

Michelle: Oh yeah, at WrestleMania 24 last year, I, along with Kane and Rey Mysterio, granted the wishes of 54 kids with WWE's Circle of Champions and Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Read about it) It's these kids who have the biggest hearts, are so courageous and incredibly endearing, and oh-so inspiring. They really put things into perspective. They are true champions!

Like WWE, you Dolls have a global fan base of millions. Is there any memory that sticks out in your mind, when a fan inspired you or reminded you why you do what do?

Kim: Honestly, I'm reminded every day through blogs and YouTube montages on the Internet. But the best reminder is being on stage in every country and seeing the fans singing along and screaming like crazy! Even if they can't speak our language they can sure sing it.

WWE has a large fan base, too, of different ages. What advice do you give young WWE fans about striving for adulthood?

Michelle: Set dreams and then to go after them. No dream is too big or too small. If you don't go after them, someone else will. Remember that it's too easy to give up. You have to have faith to fight the good fight, heart to believe and soul to search within. I also tell them to smile. You never know whose day you might make with a simple smile. (Read Michelle's Lovin' Life blog at WWE Universe)

Who in your life keeps you going? When things are tough and crumbling down, who do you pick up the phone to call?

Kim: I usually turn to God and the power of meditation and prayer. I've always relied on myself to get me through. But I also have Ashley, who is also a Doll, who has been my closest friend for many years.

How about you? Who keeps you going?

Michelle: I'm very blessed with the friends and family that I have and try to never take them for granted. Luckily, I have several people I can call on, from my parents to my girlfriends, I know they will be there for me to laugh with, cry with, vent with -- anything I need, they are there for me. I love them dearly and only hope I can make a difference in their lives the way they have mine.

Being in the ring is physically strenuous and I have to work really hard at keeping my body in shape. Do you have a regular workout routine? What do you do to stay in shape?

Kim: I definitely have to work at keeping my body in shape with regular weight training and circuit training. I also try and go hiking, rollerblading and running to help keep my stamina and endurance in check. Plus, stretching is incredibly important for my oh-so famous leg lift. (Ha ha!)

Our schedule, as I'm sure yours is, too, is anything but regular. How do you stay in shape?

Michelle: Being on the road so much, I try to get a workout in any chance I get. I aim for at least four to five days a week. I prefer getting outdoors and walking, running and doing sprint intervals. I try to mix my routine up as much as possible. I also train with weights, alternating body parts, not to mention the physicality we already have in the ring.

What's the most important message you want to get across as a celebrity?

Kim: Dream and believe.

What's the most important message you want to get across as Divas Champion?

Michelle: Dream big and never forget where you came from. Stay grounded in your roots. God gives us a platform to use for good. I hope that I can use some of the gifts I've been given to make a difference in other people's lives.

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