The Divas Meet the Dolls: Maria & Nicole

The Divas Meet the Dolls: Maria & Nicole

In the second installment of's The Divas Meet the Dolls, SmackDown's Maria gets to know Pussycat Dolls lead vocalist, Nicole Scherzinger. Read on to find out what the Diva and the Doll have in common.

Nicole: Hey, Maria! It's really great to talk to you. I'm a big fan of the WWE Divas. You ladies kick butt! Are there any self defense tips you can share with me?

Maria: Spank you so much! You guys rock, too. Yes, I can! If you are walking alone, always look straight ahead and don't look down 'cause it makes you look scared. Look like you have somewhere to be and that you are in control.

Stilettos are probably your best weapon in a fight. You can always stomp on toes and on faces when you get the girl down!

So, Nicole, I love the Dolls' new album. How would you describe Doll Domination to the WWE Universe?

Nicole: It's lots of fun and very empowering for all our women and Pussycat Dolls out there! Doll Domination has the swagger and attitude of PCD, but this album also shows a more vulnerable, emotional side, where you can relate to us that much more. Fun, strong and sexy done with heart and soul.

Maria: Sounds like something the WWE Universe would love! What songs are you most proud of on the new album and why?

Nicole: All of them. They are all my babies and I am so proud and feel blessed to have done this album. Each song is special and has its own energy! The songs closest to me right now are "I'm Done" "Hate This Part" and "Halo."

Speaking of songs... Maria, if you could have a PCD song as your entrance music, which one would you choose?
Maria: "When I Grow Up" because I've had big dreams since I was little. I've always been a performer.

I'm also into fashion. You ladies have a great style. Was there anyone in your life who inspired your unique style? 

Nicole: I guess my mom was the first to inspire me. She was so beautiful and fashionable in the '80s when I was growing up -- lots of fun! Nowadays, I'm inspired by the other Dolls' styles and also my exotic, island background!

You have an amazing style, too. Where do you get your fashion influence from?

Maria: I get it from all kinds of things, from the people around me or the cities I am in, and of course, what's comfortable, what's sexy and what travels easy. I have always loved animal prints, punk rock style and the '70s. Fashion is something you can make a statement with without saying a word, so I like to use that to my advantage. (Read Maria's blog at WWE Universe)

So, girl, where did you grow up? Tell me about your hometown.

Nicole: I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, but actually grew up in good ole' Louisville, Ky.! I loved growing up in Louisville. It is a great place to raise a family, even though the state is in the south, our city was pretty metropolitan and very arts-oriented. I was fortunate enough to even go to a youth performing arts high school where I got the base of my performing arts training! Louisville's a great place to go see some horse races, watch the leaves change colors in the fall, eat a "Kentucky hot brown" and have a white Christmas in!

Where did you grow up? Aren't you from Chicago?

Maria: I grew up in Ottawa, Ill., which is a small, quaint town outside of Chicago. It's a town where everyone knows everyone. High school football games and basketball games are the biggest events that go on. It has one movie theater, a cruising street and two rivers. My favorite places in town are my old dance studio, the high school football field, Jeremiah Joe's Coffee, the Highway Restaurant and Tone's Cones, the best ice cream ever!

Nicole: I know it's tough being on the road for long periods of time. What has been one of your greatest challenges that you've triumphed over?

Maria: Being away from home. My sister is seven years younger than me, but this year I finally found a way to be there for her special events. This year, I was home the day of her prom to do her hair and make-up, I saw her off at homecoming and at graduation, and even helped with her move to college. My brother just had a baby and I was there the day my niece, Addy, was born. She is such a beautiful baby girl. Life is the greatest gift, so it's nice to find a way to be a part of the people's lives that are most important to me.

Aside from being a Pussycat Doll, do you have a personal dream that you're striving for?

Nicole: Yes, I dream of doing my own music and the day I put my solo album out. Also, I've studied acting more than anything in my life, so I dream of doing films and also getting back to the theatre and musical theater again, perhaps a movie musical, with my own music one day! I aspire to have my own charity or school for special needs kids and children in need.

Return to next week for the third installment of The Divas Meet the Dolls, as Mickie James becomes friends with Jessica Sutta.

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