Detroit mothers share memorable "Raw" perspectives in blogs

Detroit mothers share memorable "Raw" perspectives in blogs

DETROIT – WWE live events not only provide a fun night of entertainment, they can also bring the family together, as LaTonya Lewis and Aly Mashrah attested to this week. The Michigan natives blogged about their WWE experience in which they surprised their families with tickets to Raw SuperShow last Monday night at Joe Louis Arena.

Lewis’ sons – Denzel, 13, and Darius, 12 – had no idea what they were in for Monday night, as their mother kept the tickets a surprise until they boarded the People Mover transport system in downtown Detroit. (Read Lewis' blog – " Detroit Represents at WWE Monday Night Raw!")

“It was packed,” Lewis recalled of her time on the People Mover transport system en route to the arena. “People had signs, they had [championship] belts, some had masks on. [My sons] asked, ‘What are they here for?’” When she answered that those people were on their way to WWE’s Monday night spectacular, they inquired if they were going as well. When their mother confirmed, the boys were elated.

Mashrah’s 11-month-old son is a little too young for the live WWE experience, so she took her younger brothers – Houd, 12 and Hefdadeen, 15 – to the event. She let them in on the surprise a few days before the show.As she relates in her blog, from that moment on, “they were counting down the days” until Raw. (Read Mashrah's blog - " WWE Monday Night RAW at the Joe Louis Arena!")

Lewis’ sons – lifelong members of the WWE Universe, as she describes them – were extra-excited to watch their favorite Superstars in action live and in person. Darius is a loyal follower of John Cena, while Denzel’s favorite is Randy Orton. Yet even though it was evident that her sons would have a blast at Raw SuperShow, Lewis wasn’t quite so certain what to expect herself.

“I know some moms are big fans. I just support my sons and I had a good time,” Lewis told “There’s so much going on, it’s hard not to! We were so close, you couldfeelthe heat off the fireworks.”

As Mashrah told, she grew up watching WWE. "We've been watching the show as a family for years," she said. "So you can only imagine our excitement when we found out we were going to have the chance to actually be there. "

Her younger brothers were surprised to see the return of one of their favorites, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, who tried to get John Cena in the right frame of mind for his match against Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules. She reserved her own hooting and hollering for WWE Champion CM Punk when he later made his way to the ring.

For Lewis, new favorite Raw moments included Alberto Del Rio arriving in one of his luxurious cars and the funky dance moves of Brodus Clay, Cameron and Naomi. Then, after  Raw went off the air, Lewis, her sons and the rest of the WWE Universe in attendance were treated to a special surprise. All the Superstars and Divas, including WWE COO Triple H, gathered to sing Happy Birthday to Cena. ( WATCH)

“Darius was like, ‘John Cena came to Detroit for his birthday?’” Lewis recalled. “He thought John Cena came to Detroit so he could see him.”

The proud mom added that she and her sons were buzzing long after they left the arena Monday night. “They couldn’t wait to go to school and tell everybody that they were there,” she explained. The Lewises are already thinking about returning to Joe Louis Arena when WWE rolls into Detroit later this year.

In the meantime, both mothers have some words of wisdom for anyone who’s on the fence about going to see WWE’s Superstars live and in person.

“I would DEFINITELY recommend WWE live events to everyone," Mashrah said. "If they have a chance to go, they should without a question."

It’s an opinion Lewis concurs with. “Everyone should have going to a WWE event on their bucket list,” she said. “You don’t want to miss it.”


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