David Otunga wins pro bono legal case

David Otunga wins pro bono legal case

David Otunga, who serves as the legal counsel to EVP of Talent Relations and Interim Raw GM John Laurinaitis, took to the courts on Thursday in a pro bono case against the New York State Department of Labor. Otunga had been hired to represent a man who claimed he had been wrongfully terminated from his job and, as a result, was receiving no unemployment benefits. After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge sided with the legal eagle WWE Superstar. 

"I smoked the witness during cross examination," Otunga told TMZ after the case had concluded. His client subsequently won the appeal, and will now receive the appropriate benefits. 

While it may seem surprising for a WWE Superstar to accomplish such a feat, it's just business as usual for Otunga. The dapper Superstar is no stranger to balancing two workloads -- not to mention winning cases. "I actually worked as a full time trial lawyer in Boston while in my third year at Harvard Law School," Otunga told WWE.com. "Most people couldn’t have handled trying to graduate from the most prestigious law school in the world while trying cases full time, but I’m obviously not most people."

Otunga says he takes the pro bono cases simply to keep his skills up, and not necessarily because he needs the payday. "I don’t have time for a full caseload because I’m a globally recognizable WWE Superstar and Official Legal Counsel to Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Interim Raw General Manager, Mr. John Laurinaitis," Otunga tells us, "But I like to stay sharp."

Adding to the accomplishment is that Otunga is undefeated in court cases, proving that if nothing else, Mr. Laurinaitis chose well in appointing his counsel and will be well-equipped when Chief Operating Officer Triple H evaluates Laurinaitis' job performance next Monday on Raw SuperShow.

"I’ve tried twenty cases and I’ve won them all," Otunga told WWE.com. "I have a perfect record. What else would you expect from someone like me?"

So if Otunga gives an especially emphatic slurp of his coffee at the Royal Rumble this Sunday, know he's got a pretty good reason.

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