WWE Community Champions: From boys to MAN

WWE Community Champions: From boys to MAN

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- The Miz wasn't the only awesome one in the room at the Arena at Harbor Yard. He was joined by Ellison and Solomon Burt-Murray, WWE's newest Community Champions. (PHOTOS)

While attending Raw earlier this year, the New Jersey brothers received certificates from Evan Bourne, WWE Community Champions T-shirts from United States Champion The Miz and a WWE Championship replica title from Mark Henry to honor their outstanding community involvement.

For one year, Ellison, 9, and Solomon, 11, raised money for Minority Athletes Networking etc. Inc. -- a local organization founded by former New York Giants team members that provides scholarships to inner city children. To raise money, the brothers organized and hosted fundraisers, received contributions from family members and sacrificed their allowances. The boys even committed to forgoing holiday and birthday gifts for one year in lieu of donations to MAN.

"It started with Solomon asking friends and family to give to MAN instead of giving him presents for his 11th birthday," the boys' father, Leonard Murray, said. "Then they continued on and asked family and friends to give $10 a month to the organization. Between donations and their allowance and birthday money, they raised a little over $2,000."

And the boys' donation didn't go unnoticed. Recently, they met with MAN Executive Director, Aaron Martin, who, according to Leonard, was deeply touched and excited about the boys' work. Martin went as far as to invite Solomon and Ellison to the annual MAN gala in New Jersey on May 4. There, the boys presented the organization with their donation check.

"Solomon and Ellison actually spoke at the dinner and told the story of how they selected MAN, and what they did over the course of the year," Leonard said. "It was a sight to see and I couldn't have been prouder."

Neither could WWE. Thanks, Solomon and Ellison for being true WWE Community Champions!

If someone you know is getting involved and making a difference in your community, nominate them as a WWE Community Champion at communitychampions@wwe.com.

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