Giving back in greens

Giving back in greens

HOUSTON -- For 9-year-old Sarah Lindauer of Houston, growing a green thumb means much more than planting a backyard garden — it's a way for her to share food with others.

"The goal of the project is to grow food to donate to the community," said Sarah, WWE's latest Community Champion. (WATCH)

Since September 2008, Sarah and 20 young volunteers from "A Dream of a Better World" Saturday Project have spent their weekends working on the Light Way Organic Garden before its official opening April 25. The project was founded by Zahra Lightway, C.S.O. of Light Way Schools.

Last month, WWE Diva Mickie James was given a tour of the garden by Community Champ Sarah. (PHOTOS | WATCH)

"I thought the whole project was beautiful," Mickie said. "I loved how everything was organic and that they were trying to give back, not just to their community, but to those in need."

What once was an abandoned field has been cleaned up by the ambitious youngsters, and today, olive trees and vegetables flourish. The greens grown will be donated to local families and the senior center.

"When we started, the land didn't have anything in it besides sticks and grass, so we had to clear it out," Sarah explained. "My job has been to plant the seeds, water them and to help set up the garden beds."

While Mickie complimented the group's terrific toiling, Sarah admitted it hasn't been all work.

"The project's been fun because of the gardening," Sarah noted. "It was something new and I'm sort of getting into it now. Also, it's important to help out and be nice to others."

Mickie, an avid outdoorswoman, added that it's important for children to spend time with nature and to learn the benefits of helping others.

"I think it keeps them focused on doing something positive," the Raw Diva said. "I was never allowed to play video games or watch TV growing up, and today, some kids get so focused on those things, they forget how much lies in just walking out into their backyard."

If you're interested in getting involved, but gardening isn't your niche, Mickie has some advice: "Whatever you have a passion for, whether it's humanity, or animals or the environment, communities are always looking for volunteers. If you help build your community, you're going to make it a better place, and it will make you feel good. Get involved and show how much you care."

If someone you know is getting involved and making a difference in your community, nominate them as a WWE Community Champion at

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