WWE Community Champions: Bake and shake things up

WWE Community Champions: Bake and shake things up

SEATTLE -- Rey Mysterio met two Champions when SmackDown visited Washington last month. Brother and sister tag team Jonah and Becky Isaac were inducted as WWE's newest Community Champions. Together, they raised nearly $3,000 to help victims of the recent earthquake in Haiti. (PHOTOS)

In recognition of their efforts, the pair spent time backstage at a live WWE event in Seattle, where they met The Master of the 619 and were presented with a replica championship, as well as official WWE Community Champions certificates and T-shirts.

"It was an honor to meet these amazing champions," Rey said of Jonah, 9, and Becky, 7, who held a bake sale and donated the proceeds to the Red Cross and Partners in Health.

"Getting their community involved to help others was an incredible, selfless undertaking. Jonah and Becky are true examples of WWE Community Champions."

After the siblings heard about the devastating earthquake in Haiti and how it affected children like them, they were eager to help.

"As a family, we discussed what happened in Haiti, and afterward Jonah and Becky literally ran up to their rooms and wrote out speeches, which they prepared to bring to school the next day," their mother, Marlo, said.

"They stood in front of their teachers and classmates and explained that people in Haiti had lost their houses and schools, and asked that those who wanted to help, to contact us."

With their parents' assistance, Jonah and Becky arranged to hold a bake sale in the town center on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Word traveled quickly, and within a day, Marlo said she received hundreds of responses from students and parents.

"That Monday, 70 families showed up to our little spot in the town center and dropped off cookies and brownies, cocoa and lemonade," Marlo said.

"At least 50 kids made signs and stuck around to spread the word to passersby and local businesses about the bake sale. We raised over $3,000, and donated it all to the Red Cross and Partners in Health, which focuses on bettering children's health in Haiti."

Jonah and Becky had only set a goal of $100, which their parents offered to match.

"I never thought it would be this big. When we were going through the money after the bake sale, I found a $100 bill. One person helped us meet our goal!" Jonah said.

"The money will help the kids who need it after the earthquake. And it feels good to help others. We never expected to be Champions, though," Becky added.

"This was the first cause Jonah and Becky were inspired to act upon without a teacher or parent suggesting it first, or telling them what to do," Marlo said. "It was their idea and they owned it."
They certainly did. And WWE is proud to call them the newest WWE Community Champions.

If someone you know is getting involved and making a difference in your community, nominate them as a WWE Community Champion at communitychampions@wwe.com.

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