Circle of Champions: Batista and Rey Mysterio grant Wishes in Arizona

Circle of Champions: Batista and Rey Mysterio grant Wishes in Arizona

TUCSON, Ariz. -- The day after scoring victories against Chris Jericho and the Big Red Machine, Kane, at Cyber Sunday, new World Heavyweight Champion Batista and Rey Mysterio brought big smiles to Make-A-Wish's Ethan Silvers and Marc West. (PHOTOS

"I like Batista, because he has so many World Titles. Plus, he's cool. I expect tonight to be better than watching it on TV," said Ethan, 6, of Dalton, Ga., who has been a loyal Batista follower since he was 4 years old. Tonight was Ethan's first time experiencing Raw live.

Marc, 8, of Virginia Beach, Va., was decked out from head to toe in his black and blue Rey Mysterio cap, T-shirt, dog tags and mask, as he waited to see his favorite Superstar in person.

"Rey Mysterio is a great wrestler and I like his 619. I'm happy he defeated Kane last night and will be here to see me," Marc stated, moments before meeting the Ultimate Underdog.

Ethan and Marc were both giddy while anxiously waiting for their biggest dreams to come true -- meeting The Animal and the Master of the 619. Ethan's came first when the new World Heavyweight Champion walked into the locker room area inside the Tucson Convention Center. Batista posed with Ethan and his family for photos and gave the True Champ his signature merchandise, including The Animal elbow pads.

"These are just like the ones I wear. Now, don't be dropping elbows on people," said Batista, with a smile.

Batista also autographed some WWE official "The Animal" Batista photographs.

"Who is your best friend?" Batista asked. "He might want one, too."

And Ethan didn't hesitate to answer.

"You," Ethan answered as he hugged Batista.

"I would give up all my titles to meet up with a Make-A-Wish kid. It's quite an honor to be bestowed with the gift of a World Championship, but it's like a gift from above to make a kid happy," the four-time World Heavyweight Champion said.

"Ethan was just happy to be enjoying the moment and I was, too. Meeting True Champs is a feeling you really can't describe. It's a kid's wish to meet you. That's an experience that many people in the world will never get to experience," Batista said.

Moments later, Marc's wish was granted when Mysterio walked into the suite to greet his True Champ. Marc, who already had tons of Mysterio merchandise laid out for his favorite Superstar to sign, received brand new gear from the Master of the 619. The Ultimate Underdog posed for pictures with Marc and his family, and answered Marc's various questions about his favorite foods, movies and pets.

Then, Marc presented Mysterio with trading cards and a crayon-colored picture he received from Tucson's Reid Park Zoo. Throughout his experience, Marc continued smiling, which brought a huge grin to Mysterio's face.

"Usually when kids are at the zoo, they're thinking about animals and enjoying themselves. Marc was thinking about Rey Mysterio and what he was going to bring back to me. That's amazing," said the former World Champion, who collects all the gifts given to him by the WWE Universe.

"It shows the beauty Marc has inside and outside," Mysterio said. "To be able to get the opportunity to meet Circle of Champions honorees and see them have a big smile on their faces, makes me proud of the positive influence I'm able to have on their lives."

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