Circle of Champions: Triple H & Detron

Circle of Champions: Triple H & Detron

OMAHA, Neb. — The clock was about to tick past 2:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 23. Detron, a Nebraska native, was noticeably fidgety while he paced back and forth in a room in Omaha's Quest Center.

Detron has always enjoyed watching Triple H. Noticeable to many — including the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the WWE Community Relations department — was his desire and overall nervousness to meet Triple H. The foundation, along with WWE, came together to see Detron's wish come true — and the courageous youngster knew his meeting was mere moments away.

"Relax, kid," Triple H said calmly, as he strutted into the room. "You don't have to be scared; I don't bite. I've already eaten one kid today."

The joke was enough to put Detron at ease, and the nervous expression quickly subsided. Triple H took a seat and the two snapped pictures together and chatted about everything WWE. Their conversations included how excited Detron was to be at his first WWE live event, and The Game's upcoming Cyber Sunday match against Umaga.

When there was a break in conversation, Triple H passed out some WWE goods that included a replica WWE Championship, John Cena wrist bands and a John Cena T-shirt. Detron even had the pleasure of having The King of Kings custom fit the WWE title for him.

Upon leaving the room, The Game noticed the ear to ear smile on Detron's face. There are many of these moments for Triple H, as he has done numerous Make-A-Wish events throughout his time with WWE. And he realizes the importance of giving back — especially when it comes to children.

"It's very humbling to know that meeting you can mean so much to someone," he said. "When you see how much it touches them or hear later how much it meant to them, I can't put into words how it makes me feel. The money, the fame… everything else that comes with being a Superstar -- nothing compares to the feelings I get at these types of events."

Photos from Triple H and Detron's meeting.

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