Circle of Champions: Triple H & Brandon

Circle of Champions: Triple H & Brandon

MILWAUKEE -- Three weeks before Triple H steps into the ring with WWE Champion Randy Orton and John Cena at WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, Fla., in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship, The Game took the words out of Make-A-Wish kid Brandon Thompson's mouth in the locker room area at Milwaukee's Bradley Center.

"Do you usually talk this much or are you usually always this quiet?" The Game joked.

A speechless Thompson, 9, couldn't come up with anything to say, so he sat there looking back at his mother, Cynthia Kosol. Thompson traveled from his hometown of McKees Rocks, Pa., a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, to watch Monday Night Raw live and meet his favorite Superstar, The Cerebral Assassin, for the first time.

Moments before Thompson met the 11-time World Champion, he was like any other 9-year-old: very energetic and talkative. Thompson spoke about his excitement of being at Raw and read aloud the series of questions he wanted to ask. The young fan even treated our cameraman and photographers with re-enactments of Triple H's entrance — minus spitting water out his mouth.

"They usually talk a big game before they get into the door, then, when they get in front of you, they usually can't utter two words," The Game explained. "We're pretty used to that. He loosened up once we got going."

After several moments of silence, Thompson gathered his words to ask Triple H about his wrestling career, DX and Evolution. One of Thompson's desires came true when Triple H signed his replica World Heavyweight Championship with the phrase, "The True Champ."

"While he may think of me as the champ or me as the big deal, I think Brandon is the big deal," Triple H said. "Kids that are that brave and have that much courage … they're the true champions in life. We're not. We're nothing. We're just wrestlers on TV."

Later, The Game reached into his goodie bag and presented Thompson with an advanced copy of his new DVD Triple H: King of Kings -- There is Only One, which doesn't hit store racks until March 25.

"Wow, I was going to get that for Brandon for his birthday," Kosol shouted out. Brandon turns 10 in two weeks.

Triple H was followed by visits from his DX collaborator, "The Showstopper" Shawn Michaels, "The World's Largest Athlete" Big Show and three-time WWE Champion John Cena. Brandon's 17-year-old sister, Crystal Kosol, had a difficult time keeping her composure when Cena posed for a picture with her.

"I'm not going to get in trouble [for this picture]?" Cena jokingly asked Cynthia.

"I don't know what [Cena] has that I don't," said The Game, with his signature grin on his face. "That's cool. That's why I try to get all the guys to come in here to make the experience mean more. For a lot of [the Wish kids], meeting one Superstar is enough. The more Superstars they can meet adds in making their day more special."

Triple H, Cena and various Superstars and Divas have been participating in WWE's biggest wish-granting event ever leading up to WrestleMania XXIV. During the weekend leading to sports-entertainment's biggest night, children will meet their favorite Superstars and participate in activities at the Universal Orlando Resort. Also, Wish Kids will attend the Bacon, Bagels and Biceps Brunch hosted by actress Raven-Symoné, star of the hit film, College Road Trip. (WATCH)

Check out photos from this Circle of Champions meeting with Brandon.

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