Circle of Champions: True Champs honored in the Sunshine State

Circle of Champions: True Champs honored in the Sunshine State

TAMPA, Fla. -- Circle of Champions honorees Aubrey Raspotnik, of Kids Wish Network, and Mikael Walters, of Dream Factory, received a treat when they were invited to witness the three-hour celebration of Raw's 800th episode live. The two also got to meet their favorite Superstars, one-half of the World Tag Team Champions, CM Punk, and four-time World Champion Shawn Michaels, who recently reunited with his D-Generation X partner, WWE Champion Triple H. (PHOTOS)

"I like when CM Punk puts people to sleep," said Aubrey, 7, of Ludington, Mich. "I think CM Punk will be nice, kind and gentle. I'm happy he's on Raw, because now before my bedtime, I can watch a little bit of Raw."

Mikael, 17, of Kansas City, Mo., added, "I like Shawn Michaels because of how well he wrestles. I like wrestling a lot and Raw is the most popular show on TV and in the whole world. I'm excited to see him team up with Triple H."

Before meeting the Straightedge Superstar and The Showstopper, the True Champs spent time chatting with their families in the VIP suite. Aubrey was first to see her biggest dream come to fruition when CM Punk entered into the luxury area. Punk was smitten by how cute Aubrey was.

"You got your nails painted? I got mine too, but yours are a lot prettier than mine," said the Straightedge Superstar.

CM Punk brought Aubrey his signature Cadet Hat, T-shirt, photos, signed autographs and posed for pictures with Aubrey. Punk also answered the True Champ's questions about his career and what inspired him to become a WWE Superstar.

Not to be outdone, Aubrey had a little surprise for the former World Heavyweight Champion. She presented CM Punk with a plaque from the Kids Wish Network anointing him as a "Guardian Angel," joining WWE Superstar John Cena to receive the honor. Also, Aubrey gave her favorite Superstar a handcrafted picture and thank you card, telling him she likes his GTS.

"Aubrey was the most adorable little girl. I found it moving for her to want to meet me, it always blows my mind," CM Punk recalled. "It's thoughtful that Aubrey made me a card. This is something that will stay in my bag until I don't have a bag anymore.

"It's overwhelming. You do a lot of stuff in this industry. You're ECW Champion, World Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and this completely trumps them all. For anyone whose dream is to want to meet me is pretty cool," CM Punk concluded.

Mikael, sporting his DX T-shirt, tried his best to keep his composure when Shawn Michaels, with a handful of gifts, arrived to meet him. HBK pulled up a chair and began to chat with the True Champ.

"This is Raw's 800th episode celebration. I was on the first episode, so you know what that means? I'm 800 years old," HBK joked.

The Showstopper presented Mikael with his signature Cowboy Hat, T-shirt, action figures, signed autographs and posed for pictures with Mikael and his family. Michaels also answered the True Champ's questions about his career, DX and his nickname -- HBK.

"Mr. Perfect called me ‘The Heartbreak Kid' and I liked it, so it stuck. Now, at my age, it's just not cool to call myself ‘The Heartbreak Kid,' so I shortened it," he explained, with a smile.

Michaels, a huge fan of Circle of Champions honorees, was impressed by his latest experience.

"The idea that a young person has a wish to want to meet and talk to me is extremely humbling and fascinating. To see that they have so much joy in their face, it makes you question how you can ever complain about the everyday mishaps," HBK recalled. "The 800th episode celebration of Raw is for WWE, but it means more to me to meet a kid, because of their spirit. There are many of us who can learn a great deal from the kids."

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