Circle of Champions: Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Triple H grant wishes

Circle of Champions: Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Triple H grant wishes

ST. LOUIS -- With Unforgiven just days away, WWE Superstars Jeff Hardy, Big Show and WWE Champion Triple H brought gigantic smiles to the faces of Make-A-Wish's Deyanira Santana of New York and Camden Martin of St. Louis, Wishing Well Foundation's Jessica Kuebler of St. Louis, and Dream Factory's Christian Mowry of Sullivan, Mo.

"Jeff Hardy is so cute. He's my favorite Superstar, because his wrestling style is different and he has a unique personality. Plus, he's not stuck up, at all. I describe my personality to be very similar to his," Deyanira, 19, an avid WWE loyalist for 11 years, said before meeting Hardy. "I went crazy when I heard my wish would be granted. I'm too nervous. I don't know what I'm going to say."

However, Jessica's admiration for Triple H comes from the words uttered from the 12-time World Champion's mouth.

"I've seen Triple H's DVD [The King of Kings], and he seems like a nice guy. In it, I was impressed when he said that when he got injured last year, he didn't think about wrestling. That showed me strength and that he cares a lot about others and his family," explained Jessica, 10.

The moment the honorees had been waiting for finally came, as one by one, their favorite Superstars entered the luxury suite. The World's Largest Athlete, the Swanton Bomber and The Game brought the True Champs tons of merchandise, signed autographs, posed with the honorees and their families, and fielded many questions, including the one asked to Triple H by Jessica on whether all the Superstars like each other.

"Imagine if you had a house of 50 brothers. Some of them like each other and the others you beat up," The Cerebral Assassin responded.

Circle of Champions meet and greets allow for honorees to have fun and see different sides of their favorite Superstars, and the True Champs took full advantage. Christian, wearing his oversized Big Show Big Boot T-shirt, and Camden, both 6-years-old, showed The World's Largest Athlete some wrestling moves of their own. The multi-talented Hardy even sung a few notes of one of his favorite tunes, Jordin Sparks' and Chris Brown's hit, "No Air," for Deyanira. 

The Game got a surprise that made him blush. Jessica asked the WWE Champion out on a date to one of her favorite St. Louis steakhouses. At the end of her meeting with Triple H, Jessica gave him get well cards for John Cena, who recently had surgery for a herniated disk, and St. Louis native, Randy Orton, who's been out for months with a torn pectoral muscle. 

After meeting their favorite Superstars, the Circle of Champions honorees were met by Shawn Michaels, despite his eye injury and his recent triceps injury, and the Legend Killer himself, who specifically came to thank Jessica for the lovely get well card. 

"Jessica's a sweet child. She's a big fan of the Legend Killer. It's so uplifting to see the kids, because they're strong and have such big hearts. It shows a lot about their character and personalities. I perform better knowing they're in the crowd cheering for me," said Orton, the three-time World Champion, who made an appearance on Monday Night Raw.

For Hardy, his latest Circle of Champions experience was inspiring, as he prepares for his golden opportunity for the WWE Championship at Unforgiven in the Championship Scramble.

"I'm really pumped up and excited, because I know they're going to be out there watching and supporting me," explained Hardy. "Words can't describe how I feel. It's awesome to have that kind of power to put a smile on a kid's face. It was a very cool experience." 

And Triple H was still smiling over his date request. 

"It's always great to meet True Champs. Usually, you're there to put a smile on their face, but they end up putting a smile on yours, because they're so full of life," said The Game. "That was very nice of Jessica to give Cena and Orton get well cards … To see a kid beaming is the best part of our profession."

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