Circle of Champions: Rey Mysterio and other Superstars meet Yaniv

Circle of Champions: Rey Mysterio and other Superstars meet Yaniv

SAN DIEGO -- In the locker room area at San Diego Sports Arena, Yaniv Ben, of Israel, sat anxiously awaiting his dream to come true -- a chance to meet WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio. Silence filled the room just as the glass door opened, and Mysterio appeared.

"My friends are not going to believe this," Yaniv, age 12, said excitedly.

Ben's state of awe was matched by Mysterio, who noted the 8,000-mile distance the youngster flew to see his first WWE live event. 

"To fly all the way down here from Israel, and especially to come to my hometown of San Diego, is eye opening," said Mysterio. "That's a living truth that Circle of Champions makes dreams possible."

The Ultimate Underdog signed autographs, posed for photos with the Ben family and presented Yaniv with a personalized 619 medallion.

While the entire scene was a surprise, perhaps the most spontaneous event to occur came when Mysterio took off his shirt, showing off his tattooed crafted body, to give Yaniv a lesson in physical therapy by letting the youngster touch his torn biceps and compare it to Rey's uninjured muscle.

"Yaniv is a special kid; I can see it in him," Mysterio said. "He's happy. The No. 1 thing is that he came from so far away and he got to meet not only his favorite wrestler, but many others at the same time."

Although Mysterio was his favorite, Ben could hardly contain his enthusiasm when Hall of Fame-bound Ric Flair, CM Punk, Teddy Long and Chuck Palumbo dropped by to say hello.

Flair joined Yaniv in a chorus of "Woooooo's," while Long encouraged him to excel in school.

The entire event was something Yaniv won't soon forget, but admitted the time he spent with Rey will always have a special place with him.

"I'll remember that Rey Mysterio let me feel his huge muscle," he said with a beaming smile.

Click here for photos of this Circle of Champions visit.

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