Circle of Champions: Jeff Hardy meets DaMauri

Circle of Champions: Jeff Hardy meets DaMauri

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- In each arena Jeff Hardy travels to, fans cheer loudly for the high-flying Intercontinental Champion. But in Fort Lauderdale, there was one special fan inside the Bank Atlantic Center.

DaMauri Robinson, 9, of Miami, had the chance to meet Hardy at the Raw show, a meeting made possible by the Make-A-Wish Foundation and WWE's community relations department.

"It's always motivational and inspiring to do something like this and light up their faces. It gives you an overwhelming feeling in your heart to be able to move someone like that and make them smile," the Raw Superstar said.

And the ability that each Superstar has, knowing they are that gifted and beloved by fans all over the world, makes each embrace his or her time in the squared-circle -- and meeting special fans -- even more.

"Sometimes, I ask myself, why have I been so lucky? I've been fortunate enough not to break bones in this business," Hardy told "Through the power of TV, we are really giving back with our Make-A-Wish meetings."

Check out photos from Jeff Hardy's meeting with DaMauri.

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