Circle of Champions: John Cena meets Circle of Champions honorees in Lafayette, La.

Circle of Champions: John Cena meets Circle of Champions honorees in Lafayette, La.

LAFAYETTE, La. -- Before teaming up with WWE Champion Randy Orton Monday night for an all out brawl against the entire Raw roster, John Cena visited Ashley Nida, of  Kids Wish Network, and Shine Ogiemwayne, of A Wish of Wings, in the locker room area at Lafayette's Cajundome.

"It was awesome to see Cena in real life instead of on TV," said 14-year-old Nida. "I like how he wrestles. He's cute, he has nice muscles, and he has nice teeth," Ashley said excitedly with an ear to ear grin. "Also, I like him so much, because he's multi-talented. Cena's more than just a wrestler -- he's a rapper and a great actor."

Ogiemwayne, 9, echoed Nida's point of view by proclaiming the three-time WWE Champion the "best wrestler in WWE" and applauding the Superstar's acting chops -- crediting The Marine as his favorite movie.

Nida, of Bellevue, Ohio, and Ogiemwayne, of Fort Worth, Texas, traveled to the Bayou State to see their favorite Superstar and watch Raw live for the first time. When the 6-foot-1, 240-pound chiseled-bodied Superstar stepped into the room and asked his young fans if he could grab a seat, they quickly made space. Cena introduced himself and told his "Chain Gang" followers to ask him anything they wanted.

"I'm too nervous. I don't know what to talk about," a suddenly shy Nida admitted. "My friends are so jealous right now."

Once they got warmed up, Nida and Ogiemwayne quickly offered Cena advice on partnering with Orton for their match against the entire Raw roster. The three-time WWE Champion signed autographs and gave the "True Champs" his new, signature autographed T-shirt. Also, Cena presented Ogiemwayne with a replica WWE Championship Title.

"I've got to wait until WrestleMania to get a crack at this, but I think I'll get it back soon," Cena, who is prepping for his Triple Threat WWE Championship match against Orton and Triple H at WrestleMania XXIV, told Ogiemwayne.

Ogiemwayne became the 1,050th A Wish with Wings grantee. The non-profit, Arlington, Texas, organization was established in 1982 to grant wishes for Texas children. Cena broke news to the Texas native that his trip to Lafayette was more than a visitation, and that Ogiemwayne would be attending Raw's live show. An elated Ogiemwayne then showed Cena a laser light that he promised to flash during Cena's grueling match to give his favorite Superstar encouragement.

"I certainly did see the [laser light]," Cena recalled. "I know those folks had a good time."

It was Cena's latest meet and greet. Last month, Cena was honored by Make-A-Wish for granting his 100th wish. Cena, various Superstars and Divas have been participating in WWE's biggest wish-granting event ever leading up to WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, Fla.

"I say it over and over again, because it's the reason why I keep doing it over and over again, because I enjoy seeing the kids happy," Cena said with a smile.

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