Circle of Champions: Raw Superstars meet Circle of Champions honorees in Phoenix

Circle of Champions: Raw Superstars meet Circle of Champions honorees in Phoenix

PHOENIX -- John Cena's schedule is always jam-packed. Monday was no exception. "The Champ" rushed back to Phoenix's US Airways Center to meet a few very special visitors. But no matter how busy the former WWE Champion's schedule is, he always makes time for children.

An hour before arriving at the arena, Cena was in Los Angeles at the WrestleMania XXIV press conference. Then, Cena took a flight to Phoenix, so he could meet his young fans, who had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of their favorite Superstar. For Richard Owens, 14, of the Children's Miracle Network; Michael Honey, 13, of Phoenix Hospice; and Ashlee Adams, 14, of Hope Kids, it was well worth it.

"When he walked into the room I just started screaming ‘John Cena's here!' " Adams recalled, with an ear to ear grin.

"I try to go above and beyond whatever the case may be. I said it time and time again that I think these are great charities, because they give kids a chance to be happy. To be that young and have to tackle so much at that age, I try to at least give them an opportunity to enjoy themselves," Cena explained. "I don't consider myself special. I think any person put in that situation will do the same thing. I'm just happy I have the opportunity to make people happy."

As the youth waited for the former WWE Champion's plane to touch down, they were visited by Raw Superstars Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Ric Flair, Carlito, Santino Marella, Cody Rhodes, Charlie Haas, D.H. Smith, Paul Burchill and Diva Jillian. The big surprise occurred when Cena's WrestleMania XXIV opponent, Triple H, who also had been at the Los Angeles press conference, arrived, posed for pictures with the kids and their families, and signed autographs, as well.

"Out of all the things we do in this business we get a lot of privileges. But, I think the coolest thing we do is to take these kids and make them forget about what is going on in their lives for five minutes and put a smile on their faces. To me, if there was no other benefit from this business that will be worth it," The Game expressed. "It's unbelievably humbling. When you see what it means to them it doesn't matter what you have going on or anything else in life." 

After meeting two of sports-entertainment's biggest Superstars, the teenagers were ready to be entertained by a live Monday Night Raw.

"I look forward to seeing John Cena fight and a whole lot of throwing and tossing," Owens said.

"I want to see Cena do FUs to Randy Orton," Honey said with a huge smile. 
Click here for photos of this Circle of Champions meeting.

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