Chris Jericho helps WWE fan propose inside the ring in Melbourne, Australia

Chris Jericho helps WWE fan propose inside the ring in Melbourne, Australia

Chris Jericho helps a WWE fan propose in the ring in Melbourne, Australia: August 7, 2014

What happens when a WWE fan in Melbourne, Australia, proposes in the middle of the ring?

MELBOURNE, Australia – After his victory at Rod Laver Arena, Chris Jericho helped a friend pull off the ultimate surprise Thursday night. Y2J invited Daniel House, Daniel’s girlfriend Mikala and Daniel’s daughter in the ring, where Daniel proposed to Mikala in front of thousands of fellow WWE Universe members!

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Jericho first met Daniel in December during Fozzy’s tour stop in Melbourne. When Jericho and the band learned that Daniel – who is from Tasmania – has terminal cancer, they found him through social media and brought him backstage, where they quickly became friends.

“We found out he was diagnosed in September and was given three months to live, which was December/January,” Jericho told “We kept in touch with him and really got behind him as a friend. He became an inspiration. Not only is he a Fozzy fan, but he’s a big WWE fan and a big Chris Jericho fan.”

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Jericho and Fozzy stayed in touch with Daniel through social media, where Jericho has watched Daniel live with his battle with cancer. When Daniel saw WWE was coming to Melbourne, he asked Y2J for some help with his big surprise. Jericho ran Daniel’s inspirational story by Triple H and got the green light to help make Daniel’s wish come true.

“Everyone at WWE agreed it was the cool thing to do,” Jericho said. “Basically, Daniel came in the ring and asked his girlfriend to look at the billboard, which said ‘Will you marry me, Mikala?’ She said yes.”

The WWE Universe in Melbourne’s reaction only heightened the experience for the happy couple.

“The best part of all was as soon as he asked the question, 15,000 fans starting chanting ‘Yes!’ which is pretty cool,” Jericho said.

After the proposal, a very shocked Mikala told she had no idea what was happening when they entered the ring.

“It’s unreal that Jericho played a part in the surprise!” Mikala said. “I always said to Daniel, ‘You better make it big!’ but I think it’s just blown up!”

Daniel said Mikala’s wish to have a very memorable wedding proposal has been a long-running joke among the couple.

“I’ve asked her to marry me in silly situations – not seriously,” Daniel told “The response is always ‘If you’re going to do it, it needs to be big.’ I figured what bigger way to do it than in front of 12,000 people?”

It’s truly a moment Daniel, Mikala and his daughter won’t soon forget.

“It was huge. I’ve been a WWE fan my whole life,” Daniel said. “To have the opportunity to get in the ring and hear the crowd reaction – once I realized what was going on, they started chanting ‘Yes!’ – it was just amazing.”

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