The search is on!

The search is on!

Among the millions of WWE fans around the country, many have said that they are the biggest, the craziest and even the most knowledgeable. Countless have traveled to attend pay-per-views, meet WWE Superstars and continually purchase memorabilia to add to their collections. With so many fans around the United States, it's hard to know just who the biggest one really is. Finally, WWE is giving our fans the chance to prove it. By logging onto and submitting a short video showing why they are the biggest fan, one lucky fan will have a chance to win $25,000, a trip for two to SummerSlam and an appearance on TV. WWE wants to know just who the most passionate and most devoted fan really is, and the time to show it is now.

Over the next few weeks, will be spotlighting some of the contestants from Lifelong fan, David Southard from Hamburg, N.J. is very excited to be one of the many featured.

"It means a lot to me," Southard said. "I've been a huge WWE fan my whole life and to be spotlighted on is a true honor."

"You know, so many people just talk about themselves in their videos and show off all of their merchandise that they've bought—but it shouldn't be about that. Being WWE's biggest fan is about giving back to the business in a different way. The biggest fan passes it on from generation to generation—from your kids, to their kids and so on. I have watched wrestling with my grandfather since the early ‘80s and I've passed it on to my 2-year-old son, and it's become a huge part of our family that brings us together."

So, who is their favorite WWE Superstar of all time?

"My son and I love Ric Flair," he said. "He already imitates the ‘woooooo's' and goes nuts when daddy puts wrestling on — it's great."

Southard has explained that he is not only passionate and loves the sport, but he appreciates what the Superstars go through each week.

"These athletes truly put their bodies and lives on the line every single day," Southard said. "They have passion and dedication… and so do I. Wrestling is in my blood. It's electrifying. It's something indescribable, but something that I feel strongly about — and always will."

So, does David Southard think he will win the contest?

"I sure hope so," he said. "There are a lot of good videos on there, but I hope that mine shines through. This fan is in it for the long haul."

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