WWE teams with AmeriCares for China quake relief efforts

WWE teams with AmeriCares for China quake relief efforts

In support of the devastating earthquake that struck the Sichuan Province in southwest China Monday, May 12, WWE is supporting AmeriCares in a major relief effort to raise donations and contributions for the ravaged nation. [Make a donation here.]

WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio, who was in Xi'an, China, with his wife, Angie, for a media tour when the earthquake struck.  Rey recently spoke to WWE.com about his experience and his admiration for the courage of the Chinese people.  (WATCH)

Within hours after the earthquake struck, the international relief organization began efforts to raise awareness and relief support for the areas hit hardest in China. More information on AmeriCares and what you can do to help can be found at AmeriCares.org.    "I hope everyone who can will support this effort," said Rey.  "The Chinese people faced a terrible catastrophe and they need our help."

At this point, AmeriCares has airlifted medicine and supplies totaling approximately $1.5 million to China, as well as to Myamar, and are currently coordinating the delivery of a field hospital to Qingchuan in the northern Sichuan Province. AmeriCares has partnered with the International Organization for Migration to ensure supplies reach emergency clinics throughout the affected regions.

On the afternoon of May 12, at 2:28 p.m. (2:28 a.m. ET) China was shaken by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake -- the nation's most devastating earthquake in more than thirty years. To date, an estimated 87,000 people are counted as deceased or missing after the disaster. Since the original quake, more than 4,000 aftershocks have occurred including one of a 6.4 magnitude that struck Qingchuan on May 25.

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