Trump's first - and last - Raw delivers record rating

Trump's first - and last - Raw delivers record rating

Donald Trump delivered excitement to fans both in Green Bay's Resch Center, and to the millions of viewers in the WWE Universe, in his first - and ultimately, only - night in charge of WWE's flagship program, Monday Night Raw.

The ratings are in, and Monday's commercial-free edition of Raw delivered an incredible 4.5 coverage household rating / 7 share in 4,475,000 TV households with 6,813,000 total viewers (persons 2+).

This household rating is up 25 percent versus the last two-hour episode of Raw on June 8, which posted a 3.6 coverage household rating / 6 share in 3,582,000 TV households with 5,460,000 total viewers.

Monday night's 6,813,000 total viewers made Raw the most watched episode in more than seven years (since March 25, 2002, which held WWE's first-ever Draft).

Additionally, Raw was watched by more people than any program on ABC, NBC, FOX or CW Monday night. And Raw was watched by 2,251,000 females, beating all programming on CW or Lifetime.

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