Ain't no stumpin' him now

Ain't no stumpin' him now

While his waist's immediate bareness might tell another tale, Shelton Benjamin's knowledge of sports-entertainment and its many titles easily earned him's respect as he set the "Gold Standard" on the Howard Finkel-endorsed "Gold Standard-ized" test. (Click here to see the actual test.)

Using the limitless WWE trivia bank of information stored in his cranium, "The Fink" conspired with to develop and administer a 10-question exam for the recently drafted SmackDown Superstar. The questions, delving deep into the roots of WWE's championships and their titleholders, were designed to test the immodest competitor's gold merit. Self-appreciating as ever, Shelton readily agreed to try his ring knowledge rather than ring mechanics for once.

"I'm not a casual wrestling fan; I am devoted to wrestling and I know everything there is about this business," Benjamin boasted. "You can't become the Gold Standard of sports-entertainment unless you know the history."

He continued, "All great actors and singers have studied the past, they know their trade and I am no exception to that rule."

The quiz included questions about almost every WWE championship, a few of which Benjamin himself has held. In fact, he snickered at references to former partner Charlie Haas' tag title reigns, as well as the final query that inadvertently illuminated one of his decorated career's shortcomings.

In the end, the fair-haired Superstar not only passed, but aced the multiple choice test, proving his mental might. Shelton even detected the trick question inconspicuously weaved into the set. (A very Fuji-esque plot by The Fink.)

"Quite frankly, John Cena has never been the Intercontinental Champion … ever, EVER," he said, contesting the final question on the exam. "You tried to trick the Gold Standard, but you know what, it didn't happen."

"I think this definitely shows that I am not only the Gold Standard athletically, but also intellectually."

Shelton might know his history and even be savvy enough to suspect some trickery, but knows his motto: Win if you can, lose if you must, but always cheat. It's important to note that during the test, proctors momentarily left the Superstar with pen in hand in the exam (locker) room and they returned to find Benjamin whispering something about Rio de Janeiro to WWE Legend Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat.

Shelton may have come up clean when checked his kickpads just prior to the test, but we caught him on this one.

"Another part of being the Gold Standard, if you don't know, it helps to be resourceful," he argued upon being confronted. "So, I helped myself; I used my resources. That's called intelligent."

Want to judge for yourself? Get a closer look at the Fink-graded exam and see the actual "Gold Standard-ized" test that Shelton took right here on

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