"Post" reporter discovers "The Pulse" of WWE

"Post" reporter discovers "The Pulse" of WWE

And they say pro-wrestling dreams are just for kids. On Tuesday, New York Post reporter Brian Niemietz -- or should we say, "The Pulse" -- wrote a two-page article titled "The Pain Event" after fulfilling his own sports-entertainment dreams at last week's Royal Rumble in Madison Square Garden. And he has ECW's Matt Striker, the "entrance simulator" and a kuniform to thank for it.

A self-proclaimed "scrappy" 155-pound reporter, Niemietz spent his weekend with the Extreme mastermind in hopes of being transformed into an overnight WWE Superstar. It didn't completely work; at the end of his WWE journey, he indubitably would still get his head squashed in The Great Khali's Vise Grip, or be left flatter than a pancake under Big Daddy V. Yet on paper -- literally -- Niemietz now has the workings of a true WWE Superstar.

In the Post's two-page color spread, Niemietz talked about realizing his dream of walking through the "entrance simulator" -- a replica ring entrance children can strut through in tune with their own theme music. Only he got to do it at the Mecca of sports-entertainment, just before the pay-per-view, and to his own theme of the Rolling Stones classic "Sympathy for the Devil." Thus, came the creation of Niemietz' alter-ego, "The Pulse," along with his devastating clothesline finisher called "The Deadline" -- apropos for a reporter-turned-wrestler, adorned in a fedora with a press card in the brim, short red tights and a sleeveless dress shirt.

Though "The Pulse" was greeted by a shower of boos and inquisitive looks, the reporter within nonetheless called the surreal moment "a rush." Like the children he interviewed, and a few parents alike, Niemietz' thrill of just being a part of WWE for a moment -- whether watching the show he calls "like no other" or making his own entrance -- he showed how wrestling dreams are for everyone. Even "The Pulse."

For Brian Niemietz' no-holds-barred account of his WWE experience, go to nypost.com

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