Johnny Nitro out to prove ECW doubters wrong

Johnny Nitro out to prove ECW doubters wrong

New ECW World Champion Johnny Nitro celebrated his surprising title victory at Vengeance in a manner befitting the fashionable Superstar.

He did a photo shoot.

Posing with the title around his waist, then over his shoulder as the camera bulbs flashed, the champion looked defiant and aggressive in expensive designer outfits -- all accessorized prominently with the title.

But as Nitro posed with his championship, he could see his fellow ECW Superstars watching from a distance -- arms crossed, stern looks, shaking their heads in disgust for the recently drafted ECW "rookie" who, according to them, has yet to earn his ECW stripes.

Nitro told he's seen it all before. He felt similar stares as he posed with the WWE Tag Team and Intercontinental Championships around his waist. The cocky Superstar claims jealousy probably has a lot to do with their disgust.

"I think when people see me, they see a 25-year-old Hollywood kid. I grew up surrounded by affluence. All my friends are rich. Some of them are famous. I'm great looking. I always kept myself in great shape. I've always kept up with the latest fashion trends and styles.

"People see Johnny Nitro and think, ‘Wow, that guy is great looking, charismatic … just look at what he's wearing. I want to wear that. I wish I could afford that.' But people usually stop there."

Whispers have already started to circulate within the ECW locker room that Nitro isn't "ECW enough" to be the champ. According to the nay-sayers, the ECW World Champion needs to be more hardcore, needs to be more like Sandman, Terry Funk or Tazz. But despite all the negativity, Nitro feels he's ready to represent the Land of the Extreme as its champion.

"I've got more athleticism than anyone in [WWE.] -- more raw talent than anyone would have guessed," chirped an angry Nitro when asked if he has what it takes to be ECW World Champion. "Some people might be threatened … they think I'm not ready to be a world champion. The fact of the matter is, I am ready because I am a champion."

But Nitro knows that just because he has the ECW World Title fastened firmly around his waist, doesn't mean he's hardcore. In fact, he has ideas of his own on how he plans on proving his status as the brand's top dog.

"I am going to change the face of ECW," Nitro said. "I'm extremely talented. I'm extremely athletic. I'm a risktaker. I don't mind going through tables. I don't mind putting someone through a ladder. I don't mind hitting someone with chairs. I'm not afraid of that. I'm not afraid of anything. You will see that in the coming weeks.

"I'm not worried about anyone in ECW. And I'm ready for them … I want them to come at me swinging, because what they are going to find is that I won't back down."

When the No. 1 Contender to his title, CM Punk, was mentioned, Nitro grinned and remarked about the conditioning of his Straightedge rival. 

"He's a great competitor … but just look at him, and look at me. Obviously, I take training a little more seriously than he does," Nitro said. "He has a Pepsi logo tattoo … it should be a Diet Pepsi tattoo."

So as the photogenic champion looks to lengthen his reign at the top, he hopes the locker room will take note that he's more power than porcelain. 

"I think every match for me in ECW is going to end the same way, with my hand up, and the people in every arena having a great photo op," Nitro said cockily.

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