Natalya's time

Natalya's time

As Natalya fell to her knees clasping her new Divas Championship, her eyes began to well with tears. She had finally done it. This accolade was hers. Something she had wanted for such a long time was no longer just a dream. At Survivor Series, it became reality.

"I felt like I couldn't stand up, I was so overwhelmed with emotion," the new Divas Champion told "I really just took in every bit of it."

The pink-and-black clad Diva has been fighting her way to the top for a decade, and at times, wondered if she'd ever reach the pinnacle of WWE -- holding a championship. Natalya found herself doubting that her time would come, but never lost sight of her dream.

"When you've found what your dream is, like I did mine, it makes you go to the gym. It makes you work harder. It makes you do the things you need to do to reach it. That dream, it makes you tick," Natalya explained of her mindset over the years.

And carrying the last name "Hart," Natalya also knows that there will be numerous comparisons to her legendary lineage, both positive and negative. And although she is extremely grateful and honored to be in such an historic family, the third-generation Diva also knows she is much different.

"I really get to share this with my family," the only female graduate of the Hart Dungeon said. "My dad kept saying how proud he is of me. He also said he had originally told me not to get into this business because he didn't want to see me get hurt," Natalya revealed. "I proved him wrong," she said with a grin.

Her uncle, Bret "Hit Man" Hart relayed to her that Natalya's grandfather, WWE Hall of Famer Stu Hart, would've been very proud of her accomplishment. "He said I gave [Lay-Cool] a few good forearms," Natalya said of the phone call with her Uncle Bret. "It's something Stu would've liked."

And in one of the most touching moments of the year, as Divas Champion Natalya was hoisted up on the shoulders of a returning Beth Phoenix, a picture-perfect moment had developed. Two of the most well-respected women in the ring looked out into the WWE Universe, as the crowd stood on their feet, cheering for the dominant Divas, while those at home flooded Natalya's Twitter account with congratulatory tweets.

Natalya had become their champion, because her grit and determination was something they could find inspiration in. Something tangible and worth cheering.

"I think about my life and what's important to me sometimes. Working for WWE and being a Diva has really been the only thing that's made me feel great about myself," the new Divas Champion said. "I get to share this with my WWE family, the WWE Universe and my family. It's a great feeling."

Natalya walked back to the locker room with the title, where she would find Superstars, Divas and WWE personnel lined up to offer their congratulations, a sign of respect that went beyond the squared circle, and a lesson that hard work and determination help to make dreams a reality.

And the newest Divas Champion is a perfect example of just that.

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