Napoleon Harris and Eddie Kennison visit SmackDown and ECW

Napoleon Harris and Eddie Kennison visit SmackDown and ECW

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Longtime WWE fan and middle linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, Napoleon Harris, dropped by the locker room area prior to tonight's edition of ECW on Sci Fi, along with Chiefs' wide receiver Eddie Kennison.

Harris, chosen 23rd in the 2002 NFL Draft, is no fair-weather WWE fan. Citing references to WrestleMania and WrestleMania II during his sit-down conversation with, he said one aspect that has captivated him and kept him watching for all these years is the in-ring abilities and athleticism of the Superstars.

"It's fascinating because you think those guys, with their size and ability, they could be the football or basketball players that play in this arena," Harris said. "I bet with their talents, if they weren't professional wrestlers they'd be professional athletes in some capacity. I just respect those guys a lot." 

But don't let Harris fool you; it's not all about the Superstars.

"I'm also looking forward to getting up-close and personal with the Divas, too," he joked.

Check out photos of the Chiefs players' visit.

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