Making the most of Mr. McMahon's Millions

Making the most of Mr. McMahon's Millions

Over the course of three weeks on Raw last June, Mr. McMahon introduced the WWE Universe, and the world, to his buck-sharing brainchild -- "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania." Beginning June 9, the WWE Chairman used his global phenomenon to give away a grand total of $3 million of his own cold, hard cash to 22 lucky WWE fans. The amounts won by the fortunate few ranged from $2 to $500,000.

Unfortunately, on June 23, moments after giving away the half-million dollar payday, Mr. McMahon appeared to be severely injured in a bizarre accident when a large Raw set structure toppled onto him. The disastrous incident caused "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania" to be suspended indefinitely, and has since left the WWE Universe wondering about Mr. McMahon's condition. Nevertheless, for many of the sweepstakes' big winners, those three short weeks were a godsend.

"The money has helped out so much," said Joshua S., 26, of Long Beach, Miss., who won $200,000 in the first week of "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania." "My fiancée and I were able to buy a four-bedroom house on 10 acres of land. We're getting married in March, so the money also paid for our wedding. We have four kids -- a very big family -- so it has been very nice. You can't really ask for more out of life."

Such sentiments were echoed by Kyle M., a 26-year-old disabled Navy veteran from Hoyt Lakes, Minn., who pulled in $175,000 during the sweepstakes' second week. The winnings also helped this lifelong Hulkamaniac out significantly. "I paid off my house and took care of some bills. I also bought a new furnace, TV, Lincoln and cell phone."

"I hope Mr. McMahon does the Mania again," said Daniel C., of Twentynine Palms, Calif., the first sweepstakes winner who pocketed himself $200,000. "Being 24 years old, this is the chance of a lifetime, and it came from a company I love."

Daniel, who enjoys expressing his WWE fandom by showing off his Kane mask tattoo, continued, "I haven't done anything major with the money yet. I paid some bills, got a new phone and bought a case of Mamajuana. But, when I won my piece of 'McMahon's Million Dollar Mania,' I told the world I was going to WrestleMania XXV. Now, I'm going to say it again -- I'm going to WrestleMania!"

Two Mondays after Daniel's big win, Michael S. reeled in the last of the dough that the WWE Chairman would give away. Mere instants before the horrific incident involving Mr. McMahon, the 54-year-old Plainview, N.Y., resident was told he was $500,000 richer, securing the top prize of the sweepstakes.

"I was shocked by what happened to Mr. McMahon. Everyone I know is very concerned, and it was a real shame the sweepstakes had to end so abruptly," Michael expressed. "I would really like to thank him for his generous gift. ... It helped me and a bunch of my friends very much. It was amazing that I was the last one to speak to him before that happened. I almost feel a little guilty!"

Steven R., 42, of Mount Horeb, Wis., was also stunned by the events that prematurely suspended "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania." "[The accident] totally took me by surprise. First the lights came down, and then a couple of other things, and then that sign. We are all concerned for Mr. McMahon's health. I hope he is getting better."

Steven, who won $250,000 in the inaugural week of the sweepstakes, wants to treat himself with some of his earnings. "Hopefully, I can buy a road bike," he added. "Come next spring, I'm planning to do a ride across Iowa, and I would love to do it on a new bike. Also, I want to buy a new high-definition TV, set so I can watch all the WWE events in high-def."

Seeing how much of a success "McMahon's Million Dollar Mania" was, surely the entire WWE Universe is pondering over Mr. McMahon's condition, not only out of admiration for the Chairman, but also in hopes that he will be able to bring back the sweepstakes, so more fans can claim a slice of his fortune. Regardless of his wellbeing, Mr. McMahon changed the lives of over two dozen WWE loyalists in June, and there is no doubt he will continue to do so in some fashion. All we know is, in the words of Kyle M.: "IN VINCE WE TRUST!"

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