Melina's mad as hell

Melina's mad as hell

The last thing Melina expected as Women's Champion was to be pinned in a pool of porous pudding by Candice Michelle. But after her defeat in a Pudding Match at One Night Stand, this fudge-stained failure isn't something the red carpet Diva intends on letting (mud)slide.

"One Night Stand was an insult to all my hard work as the greatest Women's Champion in sports-entertainment history," explained a miffed Melina. "I can understand that since Candice can't wrestle, the only thing that she can do is compete in something as ridiculous as a Pudding Match. But, my talents and my body are too precious to be forced into something so… gross."

Gross or not, Melina's defeat at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view marked the third time Candice pinned the Women's Champion in recent weeks. Despite what should have been a chocolate-flavored reality check, Melina has been unable to settle the score in the ring -- though she continues to claim otherwise.

"I may have lost some ridiculous match at One Night Stand, but the fact remains that I'm still WWE's Women's Champion," she affirmed. "If Candice wants to try to remove this gold from my slender waist, she'll have to earn her opportunity -- and not in a kiddie pool filled with pudding."

Long before they met in 1000 gallons of chocolate pudding (not to mention the 100 gallons of whipped cream), Candice and Melina's Diva rivalry blew up on the Web in both Divas' blogs. Tempers began to flare just prior to WrestleMania 23 as the paparazzi princess prepared to defend the gold against Ashley. Stemming from Melina's overwhelming arrogance as Women's Champion, Candice wrote an installment of Candy-Coated that was so highly controversial that management did not publish it.

Thereafter, some exchange of words and buzz in the WWE locker room ultimately led to the red carpet Diva tearing into her Raw rival. In the May 17 edition of Internet Confessions of a True Diva, Melina denigrated Candice and likened the hot Diva's midsection to a "spare tire."

"I suggest doubling up on the Tae Bo classes, and cutting out the carbs after 8 p.m.," wrote the Women's Champion. Read the full entry

Just weeks ago, an infuriated Candice retaliated against Melina with a confession of her own in her online commentary. Accompanied by a provocative, unretouched image of herself to deflate Melina's "spare tire" comment, Candice cited the red carpet Diva's "lying, cheating and backstabbing."

"I am sick and tired of the B.S. I was so frustrated that the person who thinks she can walk all over everyone thinks that she is a true champion… Even the people she thinks like her -- she treats like crap. I think Nitro lost his voice or maybe his b*lls!" Read the full entry

Though Johnny Nitro could not be reached for comment, Melina had her own perspective on the not-so Candy-Coated comments.

"I was going to respond to Candice's blog because it's so easy to tear her apart," Melina responded, "but she's just not worth the time. It's pathetic that all she does is whine and complain. That's just not sexy at all."

She continued, "Instead of whining and complaining, Candice should do something about it. I sure as heck did."

Could that something be Candice challenging Melina for her prized gold championship? Following such fiery words from the red carpet Diva, could the Candy-licious Diva be looking to make it 4-0, possibly to become the new Women's Champion?

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