Melina's time to shine

Melina's time to shine

With a sold-out STAPLES Center in her hometown of Los Angeles on their feet, Melina basked in the white-hot glow of the moment -- her moment. She was overjoyed by the reaction at having captured the Divas Championship. (PHOTOS) Several months earlier, however, the multiple-time Women's and Divas Champion wondered if she'd ever compete again.

For decorated WWE Diva Melina, a scary and painful knee injury gave her the opportunity to become closer to her second family - the WWE Universe - than ever before. And although her trademark entrance may have been missed over the last several months, the WWE Universe's message to their beloved Diva was clear.

@RealMelina we miss you!

@RealMelina when are you coming back?

@RealMelina I can't wait for you to come back and win the Divas Title!

Glad to see @RealMelina back, but I'm going to miss her caps lock in live chat

"Going on Twitter and on the Raw Live Chat, the WWE Universe made me realize how much I mean to them," she explained in an exclusive interview. "No matter how much I tweet or blog about it, they'll never know how much they mean to me."

After an injury, the physical recovery isn't the only part of rehab. Not only did Melina have 3-hour rehab sessions multiple times a week to contend with, but the tough-as-nails competitor also had to recover emotionally as well in order to come back stronger than ever - both mentally and physically.

"There are many moments where I wonder if I'm good enough, am I giving enough … do I matter," an emotional Melina revealed. "I guess we all have that in our life at times. But the WWE Universe made me believe in myself because they believed in me."

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