Become a Legend Killer with "Legends of WrestleMania"

Become a Legend Killer with "Legends of WrestleMania"

Check out PHOTOS of the Legend Killer mode and WATCH a created Legend in action!

WWE Legends of WrestleMania is bringing the fans a new mode to test their survival skills as a Legend Killer! Test your limits as you battle for the right to be named the greatest Legend of all time! But you don't get this type of recognition by beating one Legend; you have to beat them all! Back to back and tier by tier, you'll be presented with a constant barrage of challenges to test your fortitude.

Getting ready for your newly created Legend's online debut? Not sure if you're equipped for victory? Erase all doubt in Legend Killer Mode! The experience you gain in Legend Killer can be invested into the attribute of your choice. Whether you want to move lightning fast or shrug off an attack, all of your hard work in Legend Killer Mode will help you reign supreme.

With enough determination, you might be able to beat all ten Legends in a single tier … but can you conquer a tier in less than 30 minutes? Successfully completing challenges such as this will earn you a much deserved reward. Here's a list of challenges awaiting you in Legend Killer Mode:

  • New Legend - Using a Created Legend, achieve 10 consecutive wins in Legend Killer Mode.
  • Legend Killer - Obtain a medal in Legend Killer Mode.
  • Real Legend Killer - Obtain all medals in Legend Killer Mode.
  • Invincible Created Legend - Play Legend Killer Mode with a Created Legend and max out all of the Created Legend's attributes.
  • Ultrafast Legend Killer - Become a Legend Killer (achieve 10 consecutive wins) within 30 minutes, using any character against any opponent team.
  • King of Kings - Get any character ranked in the Top 10 of Legend Killer Mode to unlock the Legends Ranker Team, and then defeat that team.

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