"Legends of Wrestling" gone bad-ass

"Legends of Wrestling" gone bad-ass

Dim lights and billowing cigar smoke engulf five men as they share lifetimes of unique experiences inside the squared-circle. Based on the candor and unrestricted discourse, one might mistake it for a routine gathering in some basement recreation room.

Close enough.

Presented by WWE 24/7, this is actually the latest edition of the ever-popular "Legends of Wrestling" program which features host Jim Ross, Pat Patterson, Michael "P.S." Hayes, Hardcore Legend Mick Foley and first-time guest, Tazz.

Premiering on Thanksgiving Day, the newest installment of the most controversial talk segment available on WWE 24/7 looks to push the envelope even more than any of the previous roundtable discourses as it focuses on the bad-asses of sports-entertainment. WWE fans of today and tomorrow can enjoy this rare occasion to "ride in the car" alongside these legendary figures as they recount stories both unheard and unrecorded until now. (Exclusive photos)

"It's let the curtain down, kick your feet up, chill and talk," explained Hayes, who has made an appearance on all three incarnations of this program. "Frankly, I have a blast every time I do this and it's great for the fans. We're kind of letting down our guard and letting them behind the curtain. They get to ride with us."

In previous editions, the panel of celebrated Superstars discussed everything from the Monday Night Wars to "Rowdy" Roddy Piper's appearance in They Live. This time around, they tread into much more rugged terrain as they focus their open conversation on the baddest men to ever compete in the ring -- the perfect opportunity for the kings of hardcore to make an impression.

"I'm excited about Mick and Tazz," added the Freebird. "Tazz especially is a very funny, cynical, sarcastic guy, and I really appreciate that kind of humor. [Both of them] bring a great perspective for fans to hear. But, I'm still going to bust their asses about ECW and their relationship there."

Representing the Land of the Extreme, Tazz is elated to have been included in this rarely assembled roundtable alongside some of the most influential names in wrestling history.

"I'm flattered to be on this panel," said the former ECW Champion. "The original ECW was one of the last true territories, so I can bring that angle to the table."

Sitting at a table beside former Superstars who made their fame in a more traditional sports-entertainment forum, Tazz and Foley will provide possibly an even sharper edge to the discussion. Bad-asses aside, however, Tazz explained that he is actually most excited about the casual conversation with fellow industry icons.

"It's kind of like sitting around at a sports bar with a bunch of guys from the business," Tazz said, as he lit his second Zeno Platinum cigar. "We're talking about matches, promoters, whatever the topic may be -- very lax, very unscripted and very real."

Just as fans who watched the previous installments of "The Legends of Wrestling" on WWE 24/7 will attest, anyone passionate about sports-entertainment -- past or present -- cannot afford to miss this extraordinary talk show. Those who have never seen it before can expect to hear untold tales from between the ropes.

"WWE fans can expect straight-from-the-heart comments, real opinions and real spontaneous feelings about whatever or whoever we're talking about," the ECW Original affirmed. "I forgot I even had a microphone on my shirt."

Don't miss this edition of "The Legends of Wrestling" as it debuts on Thanksgiving Day, only on WWE 24/7.

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