Superstars' personal Kryptonite

Superstars' personal Kryptonite

Superman has his Kryptonite. Achilles had that heel thing. Think WWE Superstars don't have their own downfalls? Think again. Whether it be CM Punk and crying girls or Triple H and cockroaches -- really, guys? -- a number of Raw, ECW and SmackDown's talent recently disclosed to what makes them soften, cringe and/or buckle at the knees.

Both Santino Marella and CM Punk revealed a tendency to fold before women -- but for two totally different reasons. Raw's braggadocios Italiano falls for a smile, while ECW's Straightedge Superstar caves with a tear.

"You'd think my Kryptonite was sleep, since I never really do that. But my real Kryptonite? I'll go ahead and say it -- and it will probably get me into trouble -- but crying girls," Punk admitted. "I try and do everything in my power to get them to stop crying. You know, pretty girls don't need to be sad."

Santino would likely agree, since he doesn't seem bothered by the other alternative. "My -- how you say, this Kryptonite -- is the seductive smile of a sexy woman," he proudly announced. "It's very difficult for Santino Marella, with my super-high testosterone levels, to refuse a woman's approach, because not only do I want them, I just feel like they deserve me."

Moving on from the aphrodisiac of Marella's suave moves is Victoria's sinful food of choice: "I love chocolate," she said. "It's the one thing that can pull me away from whatever I'm doing. It's a curse!"

For fellow gorgeous Diva Mickie James, her drawback comes not from eating the caffeine, but drinking it. "Starbucks!" she exclaimed. "I can't help it. I love the white chocolate mocha, especially with skim milk. I always order the light white chocolate mocha with no whip."

The chink in Trevor Murdoch's personal armor is also drinking, though not the warm, foamy type so much as the cold, foamy type. "The suds are my Kryptonite," he offered. "It'll break any man down. Breaks me down, for sure." 

While the former Women's Champion and former World Tag Team Champion have their favorite drinks, it's Jillian's least favorite drink that makes her want to keel over. "Tea is my Kryptonite," she told without hesitation. "Just tea. Any kind of tea, but especially green tea. It makes me want to puke."

Many would think John Cena's Kryptonite would be his newly repaired pectoral muscle. However, "The Champ" reveals it's not the physical work that hampers him, but his emotions.

"I seem to let emotions stand in the way of making good decisions," Cena explained. "I pride myself in my beliefs, and I think sometimes that stands in the way of good business decisions."

And what stands in the way of ECW's guru of greatness, John Morrison? "Boredom, normal people and normal situations that make for superficial small talk…. Nothing is more painful or frightening than that."

Tommy Dreamer, an ECW Original who admits to fearing nothing, does acknowledge that he finds himself slain by only one thing: The scale.

"It's hard to lose weight," he confessed. "I have an insatiable appetite for food, and I hate dieting. I train really hard to look like this, and that's sad. I do an hour of cardio a day on an empty stomach, train an hour in the gym, to look like this. You know how much that sucks?"

Perhaps he'll find himself trimming a few pounds here and there in the upcoming weeks, however, if he continues running to the aid of Colin Delaney. Yet while Dreamer's weakness keeps him on his toes, Triple H prefers to crush his beneath his boot.

"I'm not a big fan of bugs, you know what I mean?" said The King of Kings. "Like cockroaches. I don't like them, but if they made me weak, I'd just squash them."

Too bad Triple H doesn't hang around Metropolis; Superman could just have The Game squash that Kryptonite beneath his boot as well.


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