Khali crushes Cena's spirit?

Khali crushes Cena's spirit?

How in the world can WWE Champion John Cena possibly retain his title against The Great Khali this Sunday at Judgment Day?

For three straight weeks on Raw, the over 7-foot tall Mastodon demonstrated the brute force he possesses by leaving Cena unable to stand, let alone defend himself. In a message specifically targeted at The Champ, Khali also decimated Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton and Edge before boldly doing what no other Superstar has ever done -- steal Cena's title. The display of utter disrespect shocked the WWE Champion and left him to wonder about a strategy that could possibly work to cut the mammoth Superstar down.

"I have some thinking to do," said Cena about his game plan, admitting on Raw that he was also, "embarrassed and humiliated" that he was virtually helpless as Khali walked out with his championship.

The last straw for Cena came Monday night, when Khali -- via his interpreter -- used The Champ's own catchphrase against him. In a diatribe intended to once again throw The Champ off his game, the behemoth emphatically stated, "If you want some, come get some." An incensed Cena darted from the ring and into the locker room area in search of the giant. Again, Cena's efforts went for naught, and he was left unconscious on the arena floor.

Locker room sources are quietly whispering that Cena's chances this Sunday look grim. In the same breath, they are also speculating that this is the first time in his career that The Champ is second-guessing his ability to overcome a challenge.

While none of our fans should expect Cena to stop searching for ways to break The Great Khali down, The Champ admitted he's running out of strategies on how to go about such an arduous task.
In the past, size and height issues have been overcome by the strength of Cena's heart — but this time he's facing an opponent who has never fallen victim to pinfall or submission.

The fact that no Superstar -- Cena included -- has been able to formulate an applicable offense or apply a submission hold on Khali must weight heavy on The Champ's mind heading into Sunday's showdown. Knowing that Cena relies on his two finishers, the STFU and the FU to put away many of his opponents, he appears to have been put into a unique position that's genuinely left him rattled.

"The match worries me because I'm an attack guy, and the past few weeks Khali's knocked me out," Cena said. "I'm kind of at a loss about what to say…he's just tough, man."

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