Kennedy: Sidelined and silenced

Kennedy: Sidelined and silenced

Mr. Kennedy had been counting down the days until he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract and competed for a World Championship at WrestleMania 24. Unfortunately, with 328 days remaining until the March 30, 2008 pay-per-view in Orlando's Florida Citrus Bowl, time has suddenly run out for SmackDown's loudmouth Superstar. In addition to losing his Money in the Bank contract to Edge on Raw Monday night, Kennedy is en route to Birmingham, Ala., to consult with Dr. James Andrews about his injured right arm and impending surgery.

Despite first injuring his arm during a WWE live event last weekend, the cocky Superstar fought through immense pain and continued competing in the ring. He even attended Raw at Penn State University this past Monday to update our fans with his Money in the Bank countdown, only to find himself baited into a match with Edge. Though never one to back down from a fight, the already-injured Kennedy hurt his own cause by accepting the Rated-R Superstar's challenge, then trying to fight off his brutal pre-match assault. He was ultimately unable to withstand a Spear from Edge and keep his coveted Money in the Bank briefcase. Adding even more injury to insult, his valiant effort resulted in him tearing his right triceps muscle right off the bone.

No stranger to injury, Kennedy sat out much of early 2006 when he separated the tendon from the bone in his lat (back). Sources close to the SmackDown Superstar have said that he is so distraught over this latest setback, plus the loss of his title opportunity, that he may never return to the ring. witnessed first hand the tremendous physical and emotional toll taken on Mr. Kennedy; several hours after his devastating loss on Raw, the visibly upset Superstar could not bring himself to leave the locker room area. For a man who's never been at a loss for words, it was very unsettling to observe Kennedy quietly sitting in a corner, his head in his hands as he mumbled to himself over an uncertain future.

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