Miley Ray Cyrus: Jillian's new Britney?

Miley Ray Cyrus: Jillian's new Britney?

Now that former teen queen Britney Spears has gone off the deep end, has Jillian found a replacement favorite pop princess?

"Well, everybody is, like, all about Hannah Montana right now. So I wanted to check her out to see if she was all that people made her out to be and, um … she's actually kind of cool," Jillian told

So is Miley Ray Cyrus' alter-ego the next Britney Spears in Jillian's eyes? Not so fast.

"Britney Spears, of course, is much better, but you know, Hannah Montana may be … um … may be coming up second," Jillian quietly admitted.

We asked WWE's Superstar siren to give us her take on the Hannah Montana/Miley Ray Cyrus phenomenon. Jillian offered us her astute explanation:

"She's normally Miley Ray Cyrus. That's who she is, that's who she, like, goes to school as and blah, blah, blah, on the TV show. And then she's a rock star at nighttime -- kind of like me, but not as great. She puts on a wig, like a blond wig, and she's a rock star and she's called Hannah Montana," she explained.

"They're the same person. With a wig, she looks exactly the same, and it's kind of funny because all it is, is a wig, and nobody knows. But I would recognize her because I'm smarter than the average normal person or the average Diva," Jillian said, rolling her eyes.

We asked the Raw Diva if she used her WWE Superstardom to snag tickets to the 15-year-old singer/actress' concert tour, which sold out arenas across the country within minutes.

"I checked on the Internet, didn't see anything available and gave up. I didn't try too hard because she's not all that. Like I said, she's no Britney," Jillian huffed. "I'm surprised her tour sold out so quickly. But Britney wasn't available, so … I guess you have to go see somebody."

And please, do not confuse Cyrus with a gifted, talented songstress, such as Jillian.

"No, she's absolutely not a songstress. She's not all that. She's just, um … I don't know. She's kind of like, cool, but she's not all that great of a singer."

So then why does the Raw Diva feel a slight connection to Cyrus, other than both being idolized by fans across the globe?

"Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus -- he's actually from Greenup County where I'm from, in Kentucky," she revealed. "So maybe that's why Hannah and I have the connection."

That, plus Jillian found herself hooked on a Hannah Montana marathon on the Disney Channel last week.

"I watched hours of it, I would say. She's funny, in a stupid kind of way," she said. "She has these, like, silly catch phrases and stuff that she does all the time. She says stuff like ‘sweet nibblets.' Now, she's not as funny and talented as me, but I'll watch her."

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