Recovering Hardy to visit Raw?

Recovering Hardy to visit Raw?

Although he's still recovering from an appendectomy that took place this past November -- a surgical procedure where one's appendix is removed --  Matt Hardy told that his recovery has hit full stride. His health has improved so greatly he said he hasn't ruled out a visit to North Carolina's Greensboro Coliseum to see his brother Jeff and some other friends at Raw.

"It all depends on how I'm feeling, but Greensboro is only an hour's drive from my house," the North Carolina native said in a phone interview. "I'm still sore from where they cut me open, but I am feeling much better than I was."

The scar from the surgery, Matt said, still looks puffy and tender but no longer inhibits him from doing everyday activities. That's a vast improvement from the first three weeks following the operation.

"It was hard for a while," he said. "I lost close to 14 pounds because I couldn't eat. Since then I've gone on an eating binge and gained the weight back."

During his recovery at home, Matt said he's tried to keep busy with miscellaneous time-burning activities like redecorating areas of his house. But that's getting old fast.

"I'm ready to start training again so I can get back into Matt Hardy shape," he said. "There is one thing that I've loved seeing while I've been recovering, and that's watching Jeff tear it up on Raw; he's on a roll, man. Right now, Jeff is better than he's ever been, and I think at the Royal Rumble he'll have his day and end Randy Orton's WWE Championship run."

To date, Matt was not given a specific timetable for when he'd be medically cleared for an in-ring return. However, he was upbeat and optimistic that he'd be ready to make his comeback sooner than later.

"That's up to the doctors, but I've got my fingers crossed," he said.

Will Matt feel up to making the trek to Raw in Greensboro? To find out, watch Raw on the USA Network at 9/8 CT.

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