WWE Fan Nation Speaks Out!

WWE Fan Nation Speaks Out!

Get a group of our passionate fans in a room and everyone has their own opinion about which Superstar is the most dominant and which Diva is the hottest.
Recent polls on WWE.com show that our knowledgeable fans' opinions offer an accurate barometer of what will go down inside the ring. But when they miss, they can miss by a wide margin.
Kill or be killed?
Randy Orton shocked our fans by his horrific attack on John Cena's father on Raw, kicking the WWE Champion's dad in the head and sending him to a local medical facility.
When asked how Cena should respond to the attack, 41% said that The Champ should "settle it in the ring" with Orton, 37% suggest that Cena should forfeit his title, and 22% believe that Cena should take an "eye-for-an-eye" approach and seek revenge by attacking Orton's father, WWE Hall of Famer "Cowboy" Bob Orton.

Raw recommendation
Nearly 50% of fans said that Mr. McMahon's bastard son is a Superstar on the Raw roster, 27% believe his son is in the ECW locker room, and 23% think the son wears SmackDown blue. Only time -- and perhaps a DNA test -- will prove if our fans are right.
SummerSlam predictions
Our fans were asked to pick a winner in the hotly contested WWE Championship Match at SummerSlam. More than 1.7 million fans registered their opinion, and 53% correctly chose WWE Champion John Cena to retain his title against the Legend Killer. By a wide 4-to-1 margin, users correctly chose Triple H to dethrone King Booker in his long-awaited SummerSlam return.
Close, but no Carlito: More than 800,000 fans voted to pick the winner of the Triple Threat Match for Umaga's Intercontinental Championship, with 43% choosing the crafty Caribbean, Carlito. Only 27% of the fans accurately picked the Samoan Bulldozer to retain his gold.
Fans ‘Punked' by Morrison and Phoenix: CM Punk was picked by 81% to end the ECW Championship reign of John Morrison. But the self-proclaimed "Shaman of Sexy" was able to prove them wrong, using the ropes as illegal leverage in his win over the Straightedge Superstar.
When asked which brand would win the Diva Battle Royal, 47% picked SmackDown, and 46% picked Raw. Raw's Beth Phoenix went on to win the Battle Royal, eliminating SmackDown's Michelle McCool.
For the Babes in Blue
When asked if SmackDown Divas deserved their own version of the Women's Championship, nearly 70% said that Divas like former Women's Champion Victoria, Michelle McCool, and Torrie Wilson should have their own SmackDown title to compete for.

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