WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand's "The Essential Starrcade" 25th Anniversary

WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand's "The Essential Starrcade" 25th Anniversary

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Starrcade

In the fall of 1983, the National Wrestling Alliance introduced the very first supershow to the world of wrestling -- Starrcade. Originally held on Thanksgiving Day, NWA presented a memorable event chock-full of WWE Hall of Famers, including Roddy Piper, Greg Valentine, Bob Orton Jr., The Brisco Brothers, Harley Race and the face of NWA, "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Later, when WCW became the home of Starrcade, the event was viewed as that organization's version of WrestleMania.

This November, give thanks for WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand's "The Essential Starrcade," a five-part 25th Anniversary special counting down the top 25 matches from the annual spectacular. Last July, the WWE Universe cast their votes as to which matches belonged on this coveted list. By ordering WWE 24/7 Classics On Demand, you can see who made the cut.

Not only will the WWE Universe get the opportunity to relive their favorite matches, but each part features different legendary hosts. Dusty Rhodes, Jim Ross, Tully Blanchard, Gene Okerlund and even the team of Ric Flair and David Crockett all help bring back these memories by providing unprecedented access and commentary on the supershow. "The Essential Starrcade" also feature some of the world's top competitors of all time including Ric Flair, Ricky Steamboat, The Rock ‘n' Roll Express, Road Warriors, Hulk Hogan, Dusty Rhodes and many more.

The debut episode airs Wednesday, Oct. 29, and each part will subsequently air on Wednesdays throughout November. WWE 24/7 Classics on Demand is the only place you can take part in the celebration. If you're not a subscriber, call your cable service provider and order today!

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