Edge's Rated-O.R. surgery a success

Edge's Rated-O.R. surgery a success

SmackDown Superstar and former World Heavyweight Champion Edge underwent successful surgery on his torn left pectoral muscle this past weekend. The surgery was performed in Birmingham, Ala., by Dr. James Andrews, who has performed past surgeries on numerous WWE Superstars, including "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, Mark Henry, Triple H and Rey Mysterio.
When he arrived for the surgery, one would think the Rated-R Superstar had taken the time to reflect on the personal and professional impact caused by his injury, especially after his attempts to garner sympathy from our fans the night he relinquished the title. Instead, in his final moments before going under the knife, the brazen former champion offered some strong words toward the fans he deemed as "unsympathetic," as well as the man he blames for his hard times.
"Kane is responsible for this injury, and he will be held accountable for his actions," said Edge. "I was just an innocent victim of the Big Red Monster's heinous attack; I did nothing to antagonize him or provoke him."
Apparently, the Ultimate Opportunist doesn't hold himself accountable for throwing a Mardi Gras ring celebration on SmackDown nearly two weeks ago. But he did have the audacity to claim that the suffering he'll endure during his Rated-R road to recovery is second to the pain our fans will feel from his absence.
"Now the WWE audience has to go on without seeing me, without my velvety voice touching their ears, without my movie-star good looks gracing their eyes," said Edge. "I was trying to give something special to the fans of New Orleans, and instead now I have to sit here with all this bitterness in my blood."
At this point, the anesthesia began to kick in, stopping the bitter tirade, and Edge was carted off to the operating room to have his surgery. An hour later, Dr. Andrews emerged from the O.R. to update WWE.com on the outcome of the procedure.

"As had been documented, Edge had a rupture of his pectoral muscle," Dr. Andrews reported, "but we were very fortunate. When we went in there, it was discovered he had a complete tear of the tendon attaching to the muscle -- right off the bone."

Dr. Andrews admits that his findings during the operation surprised even himself. "I didn't think that the tear would be as significant as what we found when we went in. Initially, we had thought it was a partial tear, but it turned out to be much more significant -- the injury could have been career-threatening if not properly repaired."
So when can our fans see Edge back in a WWE ring? According to Dr. Andrews, "That has yet to be determined. The first four weeks after the surgery is all about healing; from there, it can take three to four extra months for the recovery."
Although most people would be grateful to learn that their operation was a complete success, Edge woke up from his surgery with his energies focused on anything but gratitude. "I will be back, better than ever," the Ultimate Opportunist vowed, "and I will get back what is rightfully mine -- the World Heavyweight Championship."

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