A Universal Phenomenon

A Universal Phenomenon

WWE has some of the greatest fans in the world. Its enormous fan base includes men and women from a variety of age groups and economic classes in countries across the globe. The ever-changing phenomenon that is WWE offers the most spectacular variety show available today.

In addition to the more than 15.7 million viewers per week in the U.S., WWE can be seen in 465 million homes worldwide, broadcasting in 23 languages, and 130 nations. It is an ever-expanding, multicultural sensation, most recently spreading to five different Chinese provinces, whose viewership is about 400 million viewers. Its three shows, Raw, SmackDown, and ECW, consistently appear in the top section of their respective cable station ratings. It could even be argued that WWE builds television stations since whenever  WWE programming comes to a new channel, their fans follow and often increase.

Since its inception, WWE has been a driving force in the pay-per-view market, generating almost $1 billion in profits since the mid-1980s. It has also barreled its way into the electronic age. This includes WWE.com, whose views equal more than MLB.com and NFL.com combined. In addition, WWE is one of a few choice marquee brands to make an exclusive partnership with AT&T, allowing it to offer 75 monthly videos at a premium level.

For those people who have lost touch with WWE in recent years, now is definitely the time to revisit. This ever-changing whirlwind runs year round, without the annoying rerun seasons that put other television shows on hold. Rather than waiting two years for a film sequel, curious WWE fans are often satisfied in less than a week's time, year round. Its storylines range from comedic to dramatic, providing fans with the most  charismatic group of men and women in all of entertainment.

WWE programming often features guest appearances from the biggest names in pop culture, such as Snoop Dogg, Floyd "Money" Mayweather, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Its voice is evident in the political arena as well, most evident in the recently aired messages on Monday Night Raw from presidential hopefuls Sen. Barack Obama, Sen. John McCain, and former candidate Sen. Hillary Clinton, which were re-aired by numerous shows on the NBC, ABC, BBC, CNN, and Comedy Central networks.

WWE transfers amazingly well to other mediums. Its Superstars often appear on hit broadcast television shows and commercials such as Celebrity Apprentice, Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Conan O'Brien, and American Idol. In comparison to major league sports, WWE often surpasses their popularity -- Monday Night Raw is watched by more people than regular season basketball, baseball and hockey on cable television. Moreover, WWE video games have sold more than 39 million units since 1999 and out of it's more than 40 books, 22 of them have reached The New York Times Best Seller's List, including three at No. 1.

Beyond this continuous stream of entertainment, WWE has established itself as an essential part of the global community. Its social program "Tribute to the Troops" dares to bring live shows to the American men and women fighting in war zones overseas, while its programs "Get R.E.A.L" and "Smackdown Your Vote!" work to fight teen literary and political apathy at home. WWE has been presented with numerous awards for its generous contributions to community service by institutions like Make-A-Wish and the Department of Defense.

Bringing a unique brand of sports-entertainment each and every week of the year, WWE -- a non-stop, fast-paced sensation at the center of popular culture -- is a media juggernaut with a universal appeal that is simply unparalleled.

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