Ted DiBiase's dream "girl next door"?

Ted DiBiase's dream "girl next door"?

Ted DiBiase would reportedly like to be more than friends with former Friends star Jennifer Aniston.

"Oh wow, I am a big Jennifer Aniston fan! I mean, I like the girl next door," the Raw Superstar told HollywoodLife.com at WWE's SummerSlam kick-off party in Hollywood. He then asked if the gossip blog could make the necessary introductions.

The site offers several reasons why "Jenniase" makes perfect sense as a couple, speculating that "[DiBiase] could totally beat up Brad Pitt" in addition to citing the successful relationship between singer Jennifer Hudson and The Nexus' David Otunga.

WWE.com wonders what diabolical Diva Maryse thinks about DiBiase's apparently-not-so-secret celebrity crush.

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